Fashion Tights and The Pride of Old Blighty

The royal wedding brought together the world in celebration. This year’s Jubilee shan’t be any different. So many different creative names have already made their mark for the event, but the fashion industry has been one of the most noticeable.

Designers like our good friend Henry Holland are leading this new, miniature movement to make beautiful clothing designs in time for one of this nation’s most anticipated events.

Mr Holland’s contribution is something wonderful.

Many designers are going after something very original this season. They’ve sampled the Union Jack and other symbols of Old Blighty, and use them as a feature of their fashion tights. Henry Holland has decided to not alter something so iconic.

The world famous red, white and blue has been preserved beautifully in his Rule Britannia Fashion Tights. Without the distraction of extra features and motifs, the wonderful colours and patterns of a symbol we all know can shine through.

These gorgeous tights are designed for one purpose. When some of the most wonderful traditions of the British Isles are being revived and relived, you can show your pride. These days are momentous ones, so let the world see it.

Fashion Tights. There’s No Trying, Only Doing

This is something that’s been on our list to write about for some time, and this product has been on it for a while. It’s earned one many times over.

Leg Avenue Corset Fashion Tights are one of our oldest designs. From the first days that we branched out from simple sheers and opaques to complex fashion, it’s been Leg Avenue that we’ve looked to for guidance. Their designs are creative and ambitious, their photography stops you in your tracks and their fashion tights are more interesting than any other brand we’ve ever had work with us.

The great thing about their fashion tights is they never have to try to be chic or stylish. They aren’t interested in manipulating a person’s conceptions about lace or altering seams for a dynamic new effect. They are happy to say “no one’s ever put a Jolly Roger on a pair of tights before.” Then they go and do it.

Well, Corset Fashion Tights proved to be one of their best ideas. They’ve been with us since we first brought the brand on board, years ago. And finally they’ve announced that the design won’t be produced any more.

These are the last few pairs of the Corset Fashion Tights around, and a shame it is too.

Not an overly complex or convoluted design, Corset is chic, sharp and most of all, fun. That’s everything that Leg Avenue has strived to be, fun being the first on their list.

The Twin Pillars of Classic Design

Sometimes, you can tell when a relationship is going to be long and fruitful the moment you meet a new group of people. For example, Sarah Borghi. It is one of our most recently added brands, and their fashion tights have been well-loved from the very first day. Their designs sold faster than most we’ve ever hosted here, but they’re designs captured our hearts from day one.

We’re very glad that one of their new designs is now with us, and we’re even more glad that it embodies exactly what we think fashion should try to be. Lucilla is such a beautiful piece of design work that we decided to put it on our homepage.


Solid black lines on a off-white or sheer black leg are almost Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in style, and we’ve seen similar, but none that have performed a drastic turn around at the last minute and left the upper thigh bare. They’re mock hold ups, really. And they’re vertically striped, which is always a strong pattern to choose. Sarah Borghi’s Lucilla Fashion Tights are simple and clean, without interruption. They’re adaptable to the workplace and the dancefloor, and look equally as good against both backdrops. Flexibility and simple beauty are the pillars of classic design.

This is why we’re so struck by Sarah Borghi, and why we know in our bones they’ll be with us for long time yet.

They Remind Me of Fashion Tights

Good art is what you see between the brush strokes. Between the notes, the colours or the curves. Miss Oroblu Idole Fashion Tights are black, primarily. But it’s the white plumes of smoke that suggest so much more.

The only solid presence are the white butterflies in the centre. Their size and shape grab your attention, but only to hold it there. To set the scene. It’s the rest that’s far more interesting.


Mostly petals and stems, Idole is a ghostly, beautiful floral pattern. It’s not an ordinary pick for floral, but Miss Oroblu thinks differently from most designers. There is no need to repeat what has already been when you have an inexhaustible supply of creativity.

I’d be repeating myself, saying Miss Oroblu’s designs are no ordinary fashion tights. They aren’t, anyone can see it, but it bares repeating. Miss Oroblu have some of the cleverest designers in the business. They refuse to dust off a box of conventional solutions. They design what will be other people’s solutions. Idole is the result…. this season. There’s more, and there always will be.

Jonathan Aston’s Incredible Opener

Jonathan Aston are the fashion tights wing of Melas, one of our most trusted and loyal brand families. They’ve gotten that place in our hearts by releasing great collections each and every season and never letting us down when it comes to their work.

But what’s special about this fashion tights range is it’s opening product.

Everyone likes to start with a strong piece, but we dare say Jonathan Aston have used their most exciting design as their opener. Bouquet Fashion Tights are a sharp, rich and incredibly bright design.


The richness of the scarlet roses, next to the mint green leaves, are immediately noticeable. But look a little beyond that. For me, it’s the nude leg that’s the most genius part of the design.

These images may have been put on a coloured leg, perhaps a white one, by less accomplished designers. But against the nude, cosmetic backdrop, the contrast between neutral and sharp colours is glaring.

All of this isn’t to say that what’s to come won’t be spectacular. Jonathan Aston has opened strong, but they may very well follow with the outstanding.

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Leggings, London Fashion Week’s Star Trend, Part I

Last week we talked about one of London Fashion Week’s most important trends. Leggings managed to make a prominent name for themselves on the catwalks. Nearly big name designer featured them and I’m ecstatic about it.

This new trend couldn’t have come at a better time. Our own designers have given us their Spring/Summer works, and leggings have not gone unnoticed.

One design that required musing on was Oroblu Viviette. It’s somewhat previous for Spring, but just on time for the early bird fashionistas.


Leggings have been featured heavily in the fashion world recently, but so have their makers. Oroblu have taken up a sizable portion of this blog’s editorial space, amongst others, but for good reason.

Oroblu is an incredible designer, and the photos they’ve chosen could scarcely be better. Every season, they show everyone what it means to be on the knife edge of fashion.


Whilst these leggings look like they’re made of velvet, as the name alludes, they’re a complex blend of cotton, mostly, as well as Nylon and Elastic. The materials make these tights incredibly comfortable and ideal for Summer heat waves. Whilst everyone is looking decidedly flustered, you can stand out as the dedicated standard of style.

The pattern is a little difficult to decipher, but beautiful. Earthy, varied and rich, the chosen imagery reflects how Oroblu thinks about leggings. They should be robust and substantial. Oroblu Viviette is nothing less than that.

Miss Oroblu’s Great Transformation

Miss Oroblu, as the name they picked for themselves suggests, are a brand for the next generation.

Dawn went to see their latest release at the incredible CSP International headquarters in Milan. The word she brought back was encouraging. The brains at Miss Oroblu have decided to pull the rug from under themselves and start anew. The models are younger, not Miss Italia from two seasons ago, but a fresh eighteen-or-so face. Picking your model is a statement all in itself, and this choice stands out most in their new photography.

The designs follow on perfectly. Each one is picked to compliment and carry the flag of pop culture. One particular wing of 20th to 21st Century style, Pop Art, is still becoming more recognised and loved, and Miss Oroblu have decided to join in with Young Fashion Tights. The design is bright, bubblegum pink, free from distractions, so that your eyes catch the feature fully.

A freeze frame, in negative colours with flecks of neon paint, of a young lady, exactly the kind of young lady that Miss Oroblu are designed for. The image in quite close to some world famous ones you’ve probably seen. The famous photo of Che Guevara, rendered in sharp colours, is one of the world’s most recognisable pictures. These fashion tights take a lot of inspiration from imagery like that.

Miss Oroblu know that the realm of graphic art is a dynamic and creative one, so they’ve designed these fashion tights around the culture of Generation Y.

But Miss Oroblu aren’t designing their fashion tights for an age group, only a cultural one. Art like this will be the centre of our world very soon, and it’s fashion houses’ jobs to inject life and taste into them. Miss Oroblu’s fashion tights aren’t designed for anyone. They’re designed for the future!

How Incredibly Stupid (and Generous) of Us

We must apologise, without reserve, for an action that deserves countless shakes of the head, tuts, tisks and general outright mockery.

In our last blog post, UK Tights reviewed the Oroblu Maryna Fashion Tights. We were speaking on the subject of Oroblu’s incredible empathy with their customers. The designers made their fashion tights in a way that gave you versatility and style suited for a surprising range of situations.

Only thing is, they aren’t fashion tights.

Oroblu Maryna is a hold up design, and it doesn’t come in any other variant.

We are thoroughly ashamed of our collective idiocy and lack of attention to detail.

Oh, by the way! We’ve decided that, as most people we know are celebrating Burns Night this weekend, our Burns Night competition should be extended. We’ll be taking entries up until Monday 30th January, throughout the day.

To enter, simply email us with a picture of your Burns Night costume. Points are given for authentic inclusion of Scottish stuff, originality in any form and just downright good pics.

We’ll be accepting all photos up until midnight, and you can ask to have your entries remain anonymous if you’d prefer, or you can request that UK Tights display them on this here blog. The prize is a secret but it’s smashing, so make sure you enter for all the goodies!

Until then, have a smashing Burns Night weekend.

Let The Stylish Decide

While you’re possibly sick of seeing the name “Oroblu” after so many praise-filled posts over the past week or so, the Milanese designers are proving undeniable in the fashion tights sphere.

Their latest release, Maryna, is incredible. Oroblu have gone further than any designer we’ve seen in the attempt to add something different and unseen to their work.

Oroblu Maryna Fashion Tights has a column of tiny metal clasps running up the seam. Yes, these are made of real metal, not plastic or any other kind of imitation. Oroblu never imitate.

We all had a hard time finding out how they managed to include this feature in a pair of delicately sheer fashion tights. The secret is in the seams. The two thick black bands running up the seam are made of a much more robust material than the rest of the leg.

Oroblu know that good design considers the user first, and that this is no different with fashion tights. Maryna is designed to be hard-wearing, but not rough. It is strong and elegant. Like a diamond, we suppose.

We suggest Maryna Fashion Tights for more formal events, like black tie. But, considering they are new and innovative, they aren’t restricted in anyway to tradition. This beautiful leg wear design is ideal for dinner dates and cocktail parties too, but the events are really up to you, the user, the wearer, the stylish.

Starting a Revolution

January is marking a windfall for our fashion tights range. Oroblu are not letting up their constant showmanship. They’ve stolen the thunder and their already using it to dramatic effect.

Marlene was the second superb design that caught my eye after the incredible affair with Scarlet several days ago.


Marlene Fashion Tights are quite incredible themselves. The colour scheme is, for me, the most wonderful part of the design. The blueish-green is a very modern choice for designer leg wear and something that’s become popular with red carpet events. Jewel shades, like this pale emerald or jade colour have been in vogue for a few seasons, but it’s also something you’d, more often than not, spot in a classic ball gown. Shades like these were very popular decades ago in the Golden Age of fashion.

It’s good to see they’re coming back.

The great news is, this is a very similar design to Pierre Mantoux’s Connie. Technically, Marlene is green lace, but we think it deserves a mention. Fashion tights like these are diversifying leg wear and opening up the world of fashion to a better breed of creative minds.

Oroblu belong squarely in this camp themselves. They show us what great fashion tights should look like, but they’re also inspiring other designers to keep doing better. With fashion tights like Marlene, that could mean a revolution of design. Let’s see what they all come up with.