Henry Holland

Henry Holland is a name that many on the cutting edge of fashion will know. He is one of Britain's most up and coming young designers and a young talent that has had meteoric rise to fame in the past few years. Henry Holland is known for powerful, colourful, daring and almost wacky designs. Huge polka dots, bright neon green blazers, yellow pants with a purple stripe. All of these are the kind of stunning an uncompromising designs you will find at the House of Holland. But Henry Holland is mostly a designer of coats, tops, pants and shoes.

Why is UK Tights interested in this new wunderkind of the British fashion scene?

We love Henry Holland because he has begun his collaboration with Pretty Polly and they are making a range of fashion tights together. He has teamed up with Pretty Polly in order to offer us all his cutting edge sense of style and creativity in a collection of legwear. Naturally he has added some lovely House of Holland twists, with a striking sheer and opaque contrast, stark and minimalist patterns that stand out all the better for being so simple, and so much more. House of Holland tights are some of the most interesting and fascinating things you will see in the world of fashion legwear. Henry Holland's most iconic fashion tights were actually black strap suspender tights.

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