All About Lucy



Hello humans. My name is Lucille Barber. But I go by the name Lucy, or Lulu to my close friends and the presumptuous among you.

I was born to a noble house of well to do Yorkshire terriers, but my mother fell for a ruffian of a hound. My papa was a scoundrel of a Chihuahua, a real bandito, who stole her heart and ran far away together, to Cheshire.

I am six years old but a valuable and endearing member of the team here at Web Shop Direct. My duties are morale boosting, visitor greeting, and slipper stealing.

My best friend is the gentledog Augustus, who goes by Gus, who works as our company mascot. We are fast friends but he is very afraid of me as I will not relent when it comes to taking his chews.

My pasttimes are wrestling with my stuffed snake, sitting on people's feet, and yapping during phone calls. There are one or two foolish coworkers who insist on having me on their desks so I like to sit on their keyboards.

I don't have much more to write, but I will say this. It is only a matter of time until my portrait has Managing Director under it, this I swear to you.

Please consider taking a look at our socks and such. I can only recommend socks as I cannot see what our tights or swimwear look like from down here.

Love, yours truly, Lucy.