Pierre Rene

Pierre Rene is a wondrful new range of accessories for our customers here at UK Tights. It is a unique name too, thanks to the fact that it is among the first none clothing brands we have ever had. This is one of our first forays into make up and cosmetics, and it's quite exciting. Pierre Rene is, apart from Fake Bake, our first cosmetics brand, and they are our very first brand of make up. So what is it about a line up of make up that's so very exciting? Let's take a look at their range and find out.

What's So Great About Pierre Rene?

Pierre Rene is a make up brand made for professionals. There are many brands of make up and cosmetics that say they are professional quality. And many of these are great products that film productions use along with the rest of us. But there are few that do professional make up alone. Well Pierre Rene are one of those names, and have always been the choice for theatre and film productions. Only now are they moving into the world of commercial make up. So what is is that makes them different? Aren't they doing a similar thing to so many other make up brands out there? Well the thing that sets Pierre Rene apart is that they have been in the world of professional make up for so long. This means they are very specialised. They have all the experience and talent working with the most demanding customers. Now, the are bringing that experience to us all. Instead of making a foundation that looks great up close and under stage lights, they stuck to one thing. As a result they are one of the best at what they do. Now they can spredad their wings without fearing of spreading too thin.

Why Should I Try Pierre Rene's New Cosmetics From UK Tights?

Whilst designed for the stage, these new lipsticks and foundations at UK Tights are much more. They come in more conventional colours, as well as the brighter ones they use on stage. This is so they can still show up from a distance. But they do all the most well known shades of lipstick and foundation too. So if you want a range that is full of rich colours and versatile ones, this is the one for you. If you want long lasting make up, nothing beats the stuff used on sets that must look fresh for hours, take after take. If you want all these things together, go for this wonderful brand. UK Tights accessories gets bigger each year, bu this is our first real foray into cosmetics.

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