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Le Bourget Lutecia Backseam Hold Ups 4 Stars

* 15 denier
* Backseam
* Seed pearl and bow
* Beautiful, precious lace
* Flat seams
* Invisible toes
* 78% Nylon
* 22% Elastane
These beautiful hold ups from Le Bourget are simply stunning. A fine backseam running from a cuban heel. From the heel there are 5 pretty seed pearls and a tiny satin bow. They ooze elegance and sophistication to say the least. All the usual things to look out for with such a premium brand, sensational lace top, flat seams and of course invisible toe. Simply divine!
Size Guide
4 X Large
Customer Reviews for product code 2216 Le Bourget Lutecia Backseam Hold Ups 4 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
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Online Shopper September 20, 2011
Rating: 4 4 Stars
I would so love to give these 5 stars. They are undeniably stunning!! It oozes quality and attention to detail. The touch is luxuriously soft yet incredibly ladder & pull resistant. The little pearls & bow are perfect. I can sing lyrics about these hold up's.
Here's the down side (I regret to say) - I had them for about a month before wearing them for the first time - unfortunately the strips of elastic started disintegrating and falling apart within the 1st hour of wearing them :-(
Due to this, it was such a struggle to keep them up and almost turned into a disaster evening. I can now only wear them with suspenders but this just makes them look even sexier so I don't mind too much.
Perhaps I just had a slightly faulty pair with the elastic. I'd still recommend them though!