Get the Look of Selena Gomez in Opaque Tights

Are you a fan of Selena Gomez? The singer has been to London and Paris as part of her European tour and she’s upgraded her style with black opaque tights! We have indeed spotted Selena Gomez in three different outfits, all of them finished with a glorious pair of opaque tights.

Morning Look of Selena Gomez: 

Selena Gomez sept15 tights4

Sleeveless blazers are on trend at the moment. Selena Gomez displays a smart satin sleeveless dress inspired in this popular trend, paired with black opaque tights and matching sandals.

Afternoon Look of Selena Gomez: 

Selena Gomez sept15 tights2b

A little chilly? The singer swapped her dress for a long-sleeved knitted dress, keeping the same opaque tights and black sandals. A monochrome bag completed her afternoon outfit.

Evening Look of Selena Gomez: 

Selena Gomez sept15 tights1

Ready to party look? It may not be dark yet, but this look seems perfect for a party. Red and black get on amazingly good! Again, same tights and shoes to finish a perfect look.

What tights does Selena Gomez wear? 

Wolford Pure 50 Tights blackOur guess? Wolford Pure 50 Tights. Selena has been spotted in Wolford tights before. If you try Wolford tights for the first time we can guarantee there will be a second time!

EXTRA: Selena Gomez Leggings Look

Selena Gomez Black leggings

Selena said Au Revoir to Paris in leggings! You can get this mysterious and fashionable look with the Wolford Velvet Sensation Leggings, although you can choose from over 40 black leggings in our store.

What of these four looks is your favourite? Which one are you going to steal?

Six Fashion Tights to Style this Autumn

Six autumn fashion tights aw15

Autumn has officially started and we’ve six pairs of fashion tights to style this Autumn-Winter 2015 like a fashion blogger. As you all surely know, there’s nothing like a pair of fashion tights to upgrade a boring look. All of these six stylish tights are perfect to upgrade a boring look. Ready to rock your legs in Autumn?

Le Bourget Pasco Tights (£16.99)

Le Bourget Pasco Tights

Last year Le Bourget surprised us with the cutest bohemian-inspired tights. This season they’ve gone for a paisley design in the same tones! A must-have!

Trasparenze Platino Tights (£16.99)

Trasparenze Platino Tights

Lovely floral prints and absolutely cosy! These Trasparenze tights are 80 denier, but have a stunning glossy finish we love.

Wolford Amara Tights (£24.99)

Wolford Amara Tights

These Wolford tights are perfect for any occasion. Do you want to upgrade your working look? Just what you need. Going to a party? Perfecto! 

Trasparenze Gemma Tights (£17.99)

Trasparenze Gemma Tights

If you have had the change to take a close look to Trasparenze AW15 collection, you surely have seen with your own eyes how awesome are Trasparenze new hosiery designs. These tights are just an example of these fantastic designs.

Oroblu Diana Tights (£14.99)

Oroblu Diana Tights

Can a pair of tights be both opaque and sheer at the same time? Yes, it can! Have you spotted the Oroblu Diana Over the Knee Socks? They’re as cool as the tights.

Trasparenze Grafite Tights (£16.99)

Trasparenze Grafite Tights

Last but not least, a monochrome floral pattern, which happens to be a really hot trend in clothing. You will fall for these tights as soon as you open the package.

Now that you’ve seen our six proposals, we want to hear your opinion: What are your favourite Fashion Tights to style this Autumn? 

Seven Celebrity Legwear Looks of the Week

This week has been packed with news about style. We’ve been following the catwalks and the great urban outfits of New York Fashion Week and now it’s time to focus on London Fashion Week SS16. Our favourite celebrities have kept themselves busy this week, too. Do you want to know what legwear looks have we spotted this week? Keep reading!

Greater Celebrity Legwear Looks of the Week by UK Tights:

Emma Bunton tights

Emma Bunton in Wolford Daphne Mock Suspender Tights at Rocky Horrow Show! The ex-Spice girl looks great on these tights, don’t you think? It’s not a coincidence that these are of our favourite tights of AW15 season.

Rita Ora Boston two tone tightsRita Ora has also gone for suspender tights. Get her legwear look in Gipsy mock suspender tights.
Julianne Moore black tights

Julianne Moore went for a classic legwear look to finish her monochrome outfit. You can get her look in black opaque tights.

Demi Lovato fishnet tights

Demi Lovato featured black fishnet tights on stage with a sequined cropped top, black shorts and over the knee suede boots.

Madonna fishnets concert new york2

Yes, Madonna again in black fishnets. We can say without doubt that Madonna wore black Wolford Twenties Fishnet Tights. She never lets Wolford down!

FKA Twigs bodystocking

Tahliah Debrett Barnett, or, as everyone knows her, FKA twigs, featured a fishnet bodystocking in a performance this week.

Gwen Stefani fishnets sept15

Last but not least: Gwen Stefani! She looks amazing in this outfit, wisely combined with black fishnet tights.

What of these seven celebrity looks is your favourite?

The Stocking Forescast: How to Choose the Best Denier for Any Weather

James Hind, a statistics lecturer at Nottingham University, has been on the news this week after developing a formula on how to choose the best denier for any weather.

denier Formula by Hosiery for Men
Formula to calculate the best denier (Source: Hosiery for Men)

We were alerted to this news after blogger Hosiery For Men posted about the formula. It quickly caught our attention, even more so when we read that the inspiration behind the research came from performing as Robin Hood at The Tales of Robin Hood. A man talking about men wearing tights on the BBC! This is something many of us were looking forward to seeing.

Wedding forecast stockings

What is the Best Denier for Autumn? 

If you follow the denier formula by James Hind, you can find the most appropiate tights for the weather. However, generally speaking, this is what we always advise to our customers:

autumn denier sheer

Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio Sheen Tights (£6.99), Golden Lady Feel Nude 15 Seamless Tights (£4.99) & Jonathan Aston Sheer Coloured Tights (£3.99). 

autumn legwear 40 -- 60

Cecilia de Rafael Chacal 50 Denier Coloured Tights (£6.99), Charnos Opaque 60 Denier Thick Hold Ups (£7.99) & Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 50 Opaque Tights (£14.99). 

  • Best denier for a regular day in Autumn: Autumn is, with Spring, a period of high weather fluctuation, with weather moving from rainy to sunny and from windy to still in just a few hours. This is the reason why we’d suggest you stock up with 30 denier hosiery. Here you have some of your favourite semi-opaque tights and stockings of all the time:

autumn tights 30d

Pretty Polly 30 Denier Stockings (£4.99), Charnos 30 Denier Semi Opaque Tights (£4.99) & Fogal Opaque 30 Denier Tights (£22.99). 

  • Our last piece of advice: It’s okay to wear sheer tights in winter and opaque hosiery in summer. Besides, some people seem to be more cold-sensitive than others. At the same time,  quality hosiery can make a huge difference. If you have ever tried a pair of luxury opaques you must know what we mean. If not… well, this is a good excuse to give yourself a little treat.

Now it’s time for us to hear your opinion. What denier do you usually wear in autumn? 

Trend Focus: The Rise of Sexy Bodystockings

The least predictable of the trends has emerged and we believe it’s time for us to write some lines about this rising trend: the sexy bodystockings. Some rumours point at best-selling novel Fifty Shades of Grey and so called film as the one to blame. We can’t say if that’s true, but we have noticed the growing interest in sexy playwear, with lace, back seams and fishnets walking their way back to Fashion.

sexy bodystockings trend white

Miranda Kerr & Kate Upton in White Bodystockings for V Magazine

sexy stockings post bella hadid & amanda seyfried

Bella Hadid (Elle Magazine) & Amanda Seyfried (Esquire) in lace bodystockings

Sexy stockings post Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj sings in a black fishnet bodystocking (Wireless Festival 2015)

sexy stockings post - rita ora

Rita Ora featured a sheer bodystocking in a performance in London

Sexy bodystockings celebrities

This trend can be styled in multiple ways. From left to right: Bar Rafaeli, Kylie Jenner & Lady Gaga in sexy bodystockings. 

Whether you include bodystockings in your outfit or you wear bodystockings to warm things up, you can get some inspiration from these pictures of celebrities in sexy bodystockings.

Get the Celebrity Look: Sexy Bodystockings at UK Tights

NEW UPDATE: Check out our New Sexy Wear Collection: Backless bodystocking, sensual garter slips, flattering corsets, lace suspender belts and more!

Jonathan Aston Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Celia Birtwell and Zandra Rhodes

Did you know Jonathan Aston Hosiery celebrates their 50th Anniversary in 2015? What a accomplishment! Jonathan Aston have celebrated this special date releasing a truly special collection of hosiery designed by Fashion designers Celia Birtwell and Zandra Rhodes.

50 anniv. JA

We’ve just received the first products of Jonathan Aston AW15, including these cute socks designed by Celia Birtwell in the occasion of Jonathan Aston’s 50th Anniversary.

jonathan aston socks celia birthwell

 Jonathan Aston And Celia Birtwell Bo Socks (£11.99) and Jonathan Aston And Celia Birtwell Dinky Socks (£11.99)

Our favourite socks are the left ones, featuring Bo. Who is Bo? It’s Celia Birtwell’s little dog (in the picture below). What a cute dog!


Jonathan Aston by Zandra Rhodes

Zandra Rhodes Jonathan Aston Tights

Jonathan Aston Wiggle Tights by Zandra Rhodes (£17.99), Jonathan Aston Peacock Net Tights by Zandra Rhodes (£17.99) & Jonathan Aston Jewelled Peacock Tights by Zandra Rhodes (£29.99)

Jonathan Aston by Celia Birtwell 

celia birtwell jonathan aston tightsJonathan Aston Tulip Tree Tights by Celia Birtwell (17.99), Jonathan Aston Mystic Daisy Tights by Celia Birtwell (£19.99) & Jonathan Aston Twinkle Tights by Celia Birtwell (£17.99) 

UK Tights we’d like to wish Happy Birthday to Jonathan Aston. Why not celebrating with a pair of socks? Visit UK Tights’ Jonathan Aston Section for more designs!

UK Tights and Aristoc Team up in Aid of Breast Cancer Care

UK Tights and Aristoc Hosiery have teamed up in aid of Breast Cancer Care (BCC), one the largest charities in the UK. We’re donating 15p for each pair of Aristoc Ultra Shine sold. At the same time, we’re running a ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’ Offer in the whole Aristoc Ultra Shine Range, including: Tights (£5.99), Control Top Tights (£6.99), Stockings (£5.99) and Hold ups (£6.99).

Aristoc BOGOHP BCC Aug15

Why Breast Cancer Care? 

According to BCC, over 55.000 people get diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK. Besides, 1 in 8 women in the UK will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. This sounds like a good cause to support, don’t you think?

Breast Cancer Care infography

BCC aims for people affected by breast cancer to get the best treatment, information and support. Not only BCC provides information and emotional support through the process, but also works in early detention.

UK Tights and Aristoc at The Breast Cancer Care Show 2015

As part of this joined campaign, UK Tights and Aristoc will be sponsoring The Breast Cancer Care Show 2015 on 7th October by providing all the hosiery for all the models at the catwalk and the evening show. If you want to attend this event, you can still get your tickets here. We’ll tell you more about this event soon!


Trend Alert: Dark Blue Opaque Tights

Autumn collections are just round the corner and we want to give you some insights about what’s going to be hot in the Autumn-Winter 2015/16 campaign, starting for our speciality: Tights!

Why Dark Blue Opaque Tights?

Why do we send this trend alert? One of the most common outfit malfunctions happens when you wear navy tights instead of black tights… and you don’t notice the issue until you’ve left home! Has it ever happened to you? At the end, this puts people off from buying navy tights. If you gave up wearing navy tights, you’ll have to rethink it after you read this.

Dark Blue Opaque Tights at London Fashion Week AW15

Dark blue opaque tighs LFW AW1516

Spotted at London Fashion Week AW15: Dark Blue Opaque Tights (Judy Wu & Paul Costelloe)

London Fashion Week left us plenty of legwear styles for Autumn-Winter 2015. Many Fashion designers went for opaque tights in dark blue, forest green, berries and, of course, black.

AW15 Trend: Royal Blue Opaque Tights

Bazaar UK Cover Jonathan Aston tights

Get the look: Jonathan Aston 40 Denier Coloured Tights in Royal Blue (£5.99) 

The cover of Bazaar’s August issue includes these lovely Royal Blue tights by Jonathan Aston. Mix your Royal Blue tights with other shades of blue, white, silver and black. Besides, if you like wearing colourful outfits, Royal Blue tights are perfect for you, since they look amazing with orange, red and light pink.

AW15 Trend: Navy Opaque Tights

Bazaar UK Cover Pamela Mann TightsGet the look: Pamela Mann 80 Denier Coloured Tights in Navy 

Navy tights are less casual than royal blue, but still easy enough to pair. White, red and shades of blue (including several shades of denim) combine to perfection with navy tights. These Navy opaque tights by Pamela Mann are also featured in Bazaar.

  • Just a quick tip: If you have lost the original packaging of your navy tights, store them in freezer bags with a note or a post-it including the name and colour of the tights. This way you won’t get your black and navy tights all messed up.

Do you feel like buying dark blue opaque tights? At UK Tights you have over 150 Blue and Navy Tights to choose from! 

90’s Revival: Get the Clueless Look

It’s been 20 years since Clueless was released in cinemas. Can you believe it? This post is a revival of this popular 90’s film.


Look at the size of those mobile phones…

Alicia Silverstone’s acting career boosted after her role as Cher Horovitz, a Beverly Hills teenager who always wears a perfect style. But, of course, Cher had a super technologically advanced wardrobe to help her choose her clothes. Do you want to get the perfect Clueless Look? 

Get the Clueless Look:

Clueless legwear1

Back in the 90’s, outfit matching was a real obsession (look at the girl in the back with striped wool tights and matching top). White collar blouses and button-front mini skirts are, somehow, back to our wardrobe. Wear them with over the knee socks or wool tights (always matching your outfit for the ultimate Clueless Look).

Clueless legwear4

Plaids, plaids and more plaids. Colourful tartan skirts and jacket with matching cardigans were a must-wear of Clueless‘ girls. One of the most memorable Clueless looks is this plaid outfit with white over the knee socks.

clueless legwear2

Fashion had to be the centre of a 90’s Beverly Hill’s High School. How cute mini skirts look with knee highs! If you want to steal this look, have a look at these gorgeous knee highs.

clueless cher legwear

Check your list to Get the Clueless Look: 

  • Ivory collar blouse (this in particular is an ivory see-through blouse)
  • Black jacket 
  • Plaid or checked mini skirt
  • White knee high socks
  • Silver Mary Jane shoes 
  • Optional: Nude/tan ultra sheer tights 

Trend Alert: Hosiery in All Shades of Nude

Have you ever wondered what happens when someone with dark skin tries nude fashion? Well, this is what happens:

Hopefully, things are changing. Fashion is evolving into new shades of nude: How is the New Nude?

A New Nude for Spring Summer 2015

nude trend 2015 vogue

Nude clothing is hot this season, but it has evolved from a very light beige (with remembrances of light pink) to a more sun-kissed beige. In hosiery, nude has light pink tone (Vionnet, Alberta Ferretti &  Bottega Veneta. Pictures: Vogue). 

Shoes in All Shades of Nude

Nude shoes Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton styles nude shoes & nude ultra sheer tights

Kate Middleton’s signature shoes are nude. She’s been spotted in her L.K. Bennett nude pumps in many occasions, contributing to the popularity of nude shoes. Now Christian LouBoutin has released a whole collection in five shades of nude to match all skin tones. Great news, don’t you think?

Christian Louboutin nude shoes2

The Christian LouBoutin pumps are now available in 5 shades of nude

New Trend: Hosiery for All Shades of Nude

Sheer tights for all skin tones have already been available at UK Tights for a while. Do you remember our post about hosiery for dark skins? If you are a fan of Pendeza tights, you’ll be happy to know they’re available in Plus and Q Size. fogall all shades nude

Besides, luxury hosiery manufacturers have joined this trend: The New Fogal All Nude 10 Denier Tights and Fogal All Nude 10 Denier Hold ups are ready to order at UK Tights! Available in 8 different shades of nude, the Fogal All Nude include a guide to help you find your perfect colour fit.

Why don’t you visit our Fogal All Nude section to check out what shade of nude goes with you?