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    What Are Pantyhose?

    Pantyhose are one of the most common types of accessory or garment in the world of fashion. They are a constant fixture in the outfits of many women. And they have been a part of the world…

  • Hold Ups

    A Complete Guide To Hold Ups

    Hold ups are one of the three main items of leg wear that every woman knows and loves. They are one of the most recent items in the world of hosiery and yet they have fast become…

  • Trasparenze Sophie 70 Denier Opaque Tights black blue pink
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    Tights, The Most Versatile Kind Of Leg Wear

    At UK Tights, we believe that tights really are the most versatile kind of leg wear. Tights are one of modern fashion’s most flexible versatile items. Tights are great because they’re technically an accessory, but they’re also…

  • Comparison Semi Opaque Tights Vs Fully Opaque Tights

    A Complete Guide To Denier

    What is denier and what does it mean? It’s one of the most important measurements in the leg wear world. Only sizing measures are more important and relevant to people. But you still need to know what…

  • Falke Ice Sparkle Tights

    A Brief And Beautiful History Of Falke

    Falke is one of the most amazing and high-quality names in clothing. Not just legwear but clothing entirely. They have been known for underwear and hosiery for a long time, but they have always been a titan…

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    Empreinte Takes Cassiopee To Heavenly New Heights

    Empreinte has so many beautiful ranges in their catalogue, but nothing quite as stunning and popular as Cassiopee. Empreinte is famous for its incredibly detailed designs, and absolutely everything they make has a supremely feminine feel, full…

  • Black Friday 2020

    Black Friday AT UK Lingerie Is Here!

    Black Friday is far and away our biggest sale day here at UK Lingerie and at our other sister sites. We really are quite excited about showing off what has become an even bigger line up of…