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A Bikini Or Swimsuit? The Ultimate Guide


Bikini Or Swimsuit

If you’re planning on a trip this summer, there are a few questions to ask yourself. Where am I going to go? How long could I get away for? Should I do a city break or a beach holiday? And then of course there is the most essential question. What about the swimwear? And the most important question about your swimwear is not about the colour or the style. It is about the type. Should I wear a bikini or swimsuit?

For many women that question is already answered. But for a lot of women, picking between the two is tricky. There are plenty of types of each to choose from. Bikinis with a Brazilian fit, or maybe swimsuits with a bandeau cut. Whether to go for floral or block colours. Or the choice between wearing an underwired cup or more natural cups. There’s plenty you need to think about when it comes to your beach ensemble. But getting the question of bikini or swimsuit right is the most important part. Let’s take a look at the advantages of a bikini or swimsuit, and a few things that you might want to consider.

The Case For Bikinis

1. Tanning

Bikinis are a great option for a couple of big reasons, but here is the most obvious. The ability to get the best tan. There is nothing else you should go for, other than a bikini, for getting bronzed. You cannot rival them for keeping your skin free and maximizing the amount of sunshine you get. Of course, you must always use sun screen and stay safe. But a with that in mind a bikini is still best. If you do need to get a little temporary shelter, you’ve always got a cover up handy as well. This includes pareos, kaftans and tunics.

2. Showing Off Your Figure

The obvious difference between a bikini or swimsuit is that the former shows off a lot more. If you’ve been hitting gym before you head off on your trip, you’ll want to make the most of it. The best way to do that is show off your new toned look with a bikini. Now, that’s not to say that only slimmer ladies can wear one. A lot of women who are curvier shy away from bikinis, but they should definitely reconsider. Some curvier women look great in a bikini. And nowadays, designers are recognizing this. They even design newer items around the fuller figure to make sure you get ones that flatter you. But all the same, it’s down to you and your own level of confidence.

3. They Are Super Comfy

You are far more comfy, most of the time, in a bikini. They are only made up of a little bit of fabric after all. This means they dry quicker than a swimsuit too. And throwing on a kaftan, the bikini won’t cling to the kaftan’s fabric, as it may already be dry. They are easier to move in too, whether they are dry or wet. Bikinis move more easily, as they are not even there to cover most of your body. And the lack of coverage means they are also a lot cooler. If you want a no fuss and comfy garment for the beach this summer, go for a bikini.

4. Easy Peasy Packing

This is a nice little extra to have. With less than half the fabric, or sometimes less than a third of a swimsuit, they make packing easier. Ultra light travel is a big trend right now. Travelling this way is a lot more affordable and easy. Things like online checking in and carry on weights being a lot more generous means big suitcases are a thing of the past. People want to pack light and make their trip as easy as possible. You can take a smaller case on a week long trip and it has everything they need. But to make sure you are packing smart, why not pack a few bikinis rather than swimsuits? A third the size and every bit as stylish.

The Case For Swimsuits

1. They Offer Coverage

If you are asking “bikini or swimsuit?” and your main concern is staying covered, then the answer is clear. Swimsuits are great for coverage. Whether it is modesty or wanting to stay out of the sun, they are ideal. Swimsuits are the go to choice for those that want to cover up for any reason. That includes seeking shelter from the sun, modesty in certain holiday destinations, or for those less confident in their figure. Although as we mentioned above, you should not feel like you have to hide your figure. And even if you are slim, a lot of women don’t want their figure on display. You might prefer something more straightforward to wear, rather than a tiny bikini you always have to adjust.

2. Shaping Your Figure

Shapewear is one of the most popular reasons for going for a swimsuit. The ability to add compression or support is a big factor in choosing a full length item. Shapewear is also a growing category of swimsuit design. So more designers are jumping on the chance to make it for you, giving you so much more choice. And what’s more, shapewear is for women of all sizes, curvy or otherwise. If you want to drop a dress size or tone up, they have something for you.

3. Swimsuits Can Be Comfy Too

Above, we mentioned the comfort of a bikini. This is thanks to its free and easy fit. But swimsuits can be comfy too. But they are comfy in a different way. They feel snug, fitted, and supportive. If you prefer a pair of leggings in the gym rather than shorts, for example, then a swimsuit is great. And they don’t feel constrictive like some swimsuits of the past did, thanks to the advanced materials used today. Of course, if you want to feel completely free and as nature intended, this is a job for a bikini. But many women prefer to feel a little more “dressed” in their swimwear.

4. Worry Free

You might think that a bikini saves you hassle when travelling, but not so fast. Getting dressed for the beach is simple job with a swimsuit. Slip on one garment and shimmy into place. You have to tie a bikini top, adjust it like a bra, use a side tie on the briefs, and more. It is all too much. A swimsuit is the quickest beach garment, no question. Also, with bikinis, you have to make sure both top and bottom are accounted for. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but we have a few stories about packing mishaps. One of our team returned from holiday, where she’d left every single bikini bottom in a bag in her hotel room. Yep, even here, we mess up with our swimwear. A swimsuit is so much simpler, and who wants more to think about when it comes to packing?

In Conclusion, Should You Go For A Bikini Or Swimsuit?

Only you can decide for yourself, but these are a few things that you should think about when shopping. Always make sure you get something that you really want, and that you feel confident in. On paper, one can seem like a good idea compared to the other. But really, it is about how you feel with the item on that matters. Never mind what you think you should be wearing or what is in fashion. Pick something that speaks to you, and you’ll be right every time.


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  • Emma

    Pairing shorts with a flattering bikini top is my go-to choice for beachwear. As a plus-size woman, this combination offers the perfect balance of comfort and style.

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