What Exactly Are Point Heel Stockings?

What exactly are point heel stockings? Here at UK Tights, we get so excited about new trends and outfit ideas, that we forget about those staples and making sure newcomers to the world of leg wear know about them. One category of jargon and technical terms that really throws people are the types of stocking heels to choose from. So, what exactly is a point heel stocking?

What Is A Point Heel Stocking?

A point heel is one of the sexiest and the most classic features to any pair of backseam stockings. These are stockings with a darker heel area made by double folding the fabric for strength. This heel area is a long and tall triangle that comes to a sharp point. It is not only a striking head-turner. It is also the best at lengthening your legs and adding something even more shapely to your legs.

Point Heel Stockings

Are Point Heel Stockings The Same As Cuban Heel?

It is not the same as the equally as widespread Cuban heel, which is almost identical? Nope, not at all. The Cuban stockings cut off at the top for a flat finish. Points, as the name suggests, are a lot more angular. Both are beautiful though. And if you want the full array of sexy and sophisticated classics, then a Cuban and point heel stockings are both great. For leg wear lovers, both these designs should feature in your wardrobe.

Point Heel Stockings

What IS The Big Deal About These Stockings?

Know the difference between different types of stockings is a good way to optimise your outfits. Especially the vintage ones. The point heel is the undisputed champion for gorgeous leg wear that lengthens the leg. They are perhaps the most popular type of fully fashioned stockings or the most adored and coveted backseam stockings of all time because of that. They reach higher than most, and the sharp spear shape literally points towards the curves of your legs. This creates a dramatic figure shaping look that enhances your curving calves, and the length of your figure overall.


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