Summer Sale at UK Tights

Good news avid hosiery fans! UK Tights has officially launched it’s Summer Sale! Every year, we scout around for new brands and new releases, and we make sure that all of our items are exactly what our customers want for the coming months! We pay close attention to all of the top fashion publications to see what will be the best products to have ready for the following season. This Summer, we have decided to treat our customers with over 80 reduced products. We have some popular favourites, some fantastic leg cosmetics and a whole range of fashion items available in the sale until Sunday 15th August. Also, this summer, we decided that with all the new brands we’ve been introducing, it would be great for our customers if we could select a few classic products and put them in the sale. Pretty Polly Vintage Nylons, one of our most popular items, is in the sale. A little mid-season gift for our customers. Although, any Summer Sale worth having has a few fashion items to offer too. Several Falke items have been added, so you won’t be without a few stylish designs these coming months. We have received so much positive feedback for the Falke Lopez and Falke Kelly that we thought having them in the sale would be the perfect treat for you fashion lovers. But summer sales need a few extra items that go beyond leg wear. So we’ve added a huge range of balms, butters, make ups and moisturisers, so you can give your legs the attention they deserve. I’m also very glad to see some of our coloured items on sale this week. After all, this is the season for colour. If you already subscribe to my blog, you may have received the post on summer fashion and coloured hosiery. If not, take a look at it and you might find some interesting tips about fashionable colours this season. I can tell you the top tip this Spring/Summer is clashing. Add some bright colours to any outfit, but make sure they contrast. I am quite fond of the lime green and bubblegum pink ensemble myself. If you’d like to try a good clashing look, I’d recommend Pamela Mann Twickers, one of our brighter and louder items. All Twickers come with black and coloured stripes, so you already have two colours to start your summer look. Another great coloured item from Pamela Mann is the Backgammon Tights design. This is a unique item, something I’ve not seen done like this before, but very creative and a pattern that’s proving to be very popular, an especially popular item for summer parties. I have to say, for this season’s sale, there’s far too much to cover in just one post. So, if there’s one piece of advice I’m going to give you today, it’s take a look for yourself. There is always so much to talk about in the way of fantastic products, there doesn’t seem to be enough time to do them justice. I really think there’s something for you in the sale this year, there’s something for everyone, after all. Our sale will be on until Sunday 15th August, so you have just over a week to find that extra special item. So go right ahead, browse the page and treat yourself!


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