A New Trend Rises in the East

We think this might be our last Trasparenze review this season. There’s so much to see from their Autumn Winter range, but we’ve tried to pick out only the most stunning designs, lest we get too carried away.

So, we’d like to finish with one of their strongest pieces this season and then, if it pleases our readers, write a wrap up post sometime soon, showcasing all the items we’ve had to regrettably leave alone for now.

Today’s fashion tights creature feature is a real thinking-out-of-the-box piece. It’s something that only a brand like Trasparenze could have accomplished so expertly.

Now, that’s a rather large picture, and it’s a full length shot of our beautiful model, so you might not be able to spot the main feature straight away.

The lighter shades of the Shanghai Fashion Tights aren’t part of the leg, they’re carefully woven holes.

Yep, they’re gaps in the material. Here, let us show you.


That’s quite something, isn’t it?! The diamond shaped vacancies have been carefully placed to fit with the overall flow of the pattern. They aren’t crude and ungainly like so many other designs that use holes or rips.

Fashion tights have the perfect balance of traditional patterning, like argyle, and the postmodern fashion scene.

They’re the right kind of new-and-unheard-of!

Work like Shanghai Fashion Tights are going to define Winter leg wear from this day forward. They’re one of the few designs out there that manage to bring Argyle, an age old pattern, into the modern world without ruining it. Preserving that kind of traditional beauty, whilst making it fit for consumption by the modern woman, is the sign of a brand that takes pride in their work.

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