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    Our Top Ten Looks From The MET Gala 2024

    This weekend was the MET Gala 2024, one of the most exciting dates on the fashion calender. We always comment on our favourite looks from the gala, whether or not they are very leg wear focused. We adore the variety and the spectacle, no matter what is on offer. Here, we have the top ten looks from the MET Gala 2024. Or at least, our favourite ones. And of course, we never really rank order these outfits either, so this is a list in no particular order. 1. Dua Lipa A jaw dropping outfit, to be sure. Stunning and deeply…

  • Tights Or Stockings?

    Should I Wear Tights Or Stockings?

    Tights Or Stockings? What should I  be wearing? This is the great debate of the hosiery world and it has been going on for years. So, which are best? Should you be wearing some sexy stockings? Or…

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    UK Tights Is Featured In The Daily Express

    UK Tights was recently featured in the Daily Express, talking about our story. They have just recently featured us again for their Daily Express online edition. Oh and you can ignore that mention of mid-March in the…

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    A Complete Guide To Leather Goods

    Where Does Leather Come From? Leather is, of course, an animal product. For those who are vegan or generally dislike using animal based products, this material is not for you. There are many sources of animal hides…

  • Luxury Legs

    UK Tights Acquires Luxury Legs

    This month, we received word that one of our major competitors is closing down. They have made the decision to close their doors permanently and cease trading. The competitor we are talking about is Luxury Legs. As…

  • Paris Fashion Week - Red Tigths
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    Paris Fashion Week 2024 Wrap Up

    Paris Fashion Week 2024 has just come and gone. And we are very excited to see what leg wear showed up at these amazing cat walk shows. In fact, a member of the UK Tights team even…

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    It’s International Women’s Day!

    International Women’s Day is one of the newest big days on our calendar. But it is one of our favourite days of the year too. It is a celebration of women and girls everywhere. And not just…