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UK Tights was recently featured in the Daily Express, talking about our story. They have just recently featured us again for their Daily Express online edition. Oh and you can ignore that mention of mid-March in the image. That is because it is a scan of the print story. They often print stories in the paper edition weeks before they appear online, unless it’s breaking news. The much fresher and up-to-date online edition appears here.

The Daily Express Cover UK Tights And Our History

The journalist Maisha Frost reached out to us and wanted to ask us about our history and how our business has been doing recently. And so naturally we told her what is going on over at UK Tights. Dawn was interviewed and talked about our history in general. She told our story of going from a home office to a team of nine people. And she talked about what we have planned for the future too. We let them in on a few of our plans, but they promised not to publish anything too ahead of its time.

There is some interesting stuff to see there thanks to the fantastic questions put forward by Maisha. She has a way of asking the most fundamental questions and the most interesting and challenging ones in quick succession. That is why her articles are always information packed, but have so many interesting little things to fixate on.

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We are really glad to get the opportunity to be featured in one of the stories at the Daily Express. We always take the chance to reach out to fans, new and old. If you want to see other news stories about UK Tights, some written by us too, then we have you covered. Go to our blog page for news and updates. It has updates on all the best new developments for UK Tights, and new features for the site.

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