Should I Wear Tights Or Stockings?

Tights Or Stockings?

Tights Or Stockings? What should I  be wearing? This is the great debate of the hosiery world and it has been going on for years. So, which are best? Should you be wearing some sexy stockings? Or perhaps some convenient and straightforward tights? Well, let’s take a look at a few of their pros and cons.

Pros Of Stockings: They Are Timeless

Is there anything more beautiful and iconic on your legs than stockings? Some would say not, and we would be among them. Stockings are the most iconic part of the pin up girls that airmen painted on their planes in the war. They are the thing that so many sex symbols of the 20th Century wore in their films. Stockings are the thing we think of when we say “men love nice lingerie”. You cannot shake their association with nice legs, beautiful women, and classic outfits of the 20s, 30s, and 40s. We all love them for this, and they are a reliable choice for those that want a vintage charm. They instantly come to mind when we are having trouble putting that kind of outfit together.

Pros Of Tights: They Are Convenient

It is the most obvious thing about tights. They are one garment, so they just slip on. They are probably the most convenient garment on the planet, with the exception of the jumpsuit. But that was a fashion trend for just a short while and fell out of style with the Rockabillies. Tights, however, are super convenient and have been worn widely for over a century. They are some of the easiest garments to wear, all thanks to the elastane content that helps it stretch. They simply slip on, like they were made for you specifically.

Pros Of Stockings: They Are Sexy

Is there are dispute that stockings are super sexy? Not here, there isn’t. They might just be the sexiest item of leg wear around. The way they end just at the top of the curve of your thighs and highlight your bum. The way they add contrast between the colour of the fabric and that of your skin. The backseam, if that is what you prefer, that turns heads every time. They just ooze sexiness. We adore stockings for many reasons. But chief among them is the ability to make a jaw drop instantly once you slip a pair on. And of course, there is the suspender belt that you wear with it too. The belt adds another dose of sexiness that we simply adore. It is a fantastic way to frame the bum and highlight the curve of your hips.

Pros Of Tights: They Are Sexy Too

There are as many reasons to think tights are sexy like stockings are. They have the same effect on your skin and your legs, adding a shine or a matte effect. They both cover up blemishes, and smooth out the look of your legs. Tights add so much to your legs, and everything that stockings do. At least, right up to the thighs. Stockings have tights beat around the hip and thigh area thanks to all that lace and suspenders.

So, What Is It? Tights Or Stockings?

So what will it be? Tights or stockings? Well the obvious answer is simple. You don’t need to completely pick between stockings and tights. You can always mix it up. But that isn’t the point of this post. We are trying to find what your staple or everyday choice should be. So take a look at a few of these points and see what you agree with.

If you want want convenience, and you want ease, without much of a sacrifice at all, then go for tights. If you want a little extra classic appeal and sexiness, then go for a pair of stockings. But just note, almost all the benefits come with the other to some degree. You will be two thirds of the way to any objective with one or the other. But tights or stockings might just give you the edge, one way or the other. And if you want the gorgeous items shown above to get started, we have them too. They are the Ballerina Scarlett Tights, and the Ballerina Adeline Stockings respectively.

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  • Graham Swift

    It’s got to be stockings all the way for me. There are so many different types and styles its very hard to choose which ones to wear for an occasion. Tights or Panty Hose as the Americans call them are all the same apart from colour, denier or type. Stockings are sexy, they feel fabulous at the end of a tight garter strap or girdle or anything really that hold up stockings. RHT and Fully Fashioned are THE best ever to wear especially with a nice long seam running down the back. Cant get anything more luxurious, sexy and the feel of nylon on your legs. Awesome.

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