Five Ballerina Back Seamed Hold Ups We Love

Everyone loves Ballerina. It’s now official. The turquoise little hosiery, the full black stockings, the patterned tights… we just can’t have enough of Ballerina’s amazing hosiery. There’s a leg style we are particularly obsessing about these days: the back seams. Ballerina back seamed hold ups are the sexiest thing we’ve seen in a while. Come and see with your own eyes.

Cobalt blue back seamed hold ups

Sexy Ballerina back seamed hold ups

While cobalt tights aren’t that difficult to find, it’s not often that you see a good pair of Cobalt blue hold ups. That’s precisely one of the reasons why we love the Trasparenze Valentina coloured hold ups. Never had we set eyes on such seductive cobalt-coloured hold ups. Check out our colour-contrasted Ballerina Clio Backseamed Deep Lace Top Hold Ups but don’t look too close if you don’t want to fall in love with them.

Turquoise back seamed hold ups

Ballerina Clotho Contrast Backseam Turquoise Hold Ups

Turquoise is one of the top colours for the season. Did you know it? We mentioned it in our post about SS20 hosiery trends. Of all the hot colours this season, turquoise is our favourite. Even more when it comes paired with black, like the Ballerina Clotho Contrast Backseam Lace Top Hold Ups in the picture above.

They are a truly elegant pair, with something else, right? They have a little something that melts your heart. We don’t know what is it, but we somehow feel like this pair of back seamed hold ups could work with any outfit, from a lazy day at home wearing your favourite pair of holds, to a date night or a more formal attire. What do you think?

Soft grey back seamed hold ups

Blue and nude back seamed hold ups by Ballerina Studio Collants

Another blue back detail, but this time over a light grey leg tone. Very unusual, right? Have you noticed the cute little bow back detail? These sweet hold ups are called Ballerina Calliope Deep Lace Top Hold Ups and they are ideal to give away as a gift. Their packaging is absolutely luxurious!

Ballerina’s Boudoir-inspired seamed hold ups

If something defines Ballerina Studio Collants’ hosiery is a clear feminine boudoir inspiration. Some of Ballerina back seamed hold ups are classic and elegant and, on the top of this, our Ballerina Spring Summer 2020 collection includes a few jaw-dropping pieces of boudoir inspiration. See below what we mean.

Black and nude back seamed hold ups

We won’t lie; our Ballerina Hera Dotted Backseamed Hold Ups are one of the hottest pairs of boudoir hold ups we’ve ever seen. There isn’t anything we don’t like in these. They have no-fault.

Nevertheless, you’ll have to agree with us that the Ballerina Athena Dotted Backseamed Hold Ups are also pretty amazing. Ideal to wear with our Ballerina Freya Garter Belt.

super sexy ballerina hold ups with lovely dotted back sea

‘If you have it, flaunt it’. That’s what Ballerina seems to be saying with their amazing collection. We know that you’ve got it, so are you ready to flaunt it?


  • Randll Pierce

    Love the hold-up stockings are something I would wear for my fashion photos in a layered look. They look stunning love the lace top look.

  • Alan

    OMG uk tights what are yous doing to me!!!! ALL of these gorgeous hold ups are sooooo utterly utterly gorgeous and soooo sexy. I dont know what ones to get… awww this is killing me please help me. They are all soooooo gorg xxx xxx

  • UK Tights Customer

    Ballerina is one of my favorite hosiery brands, the attention to detail they they give to each hold up is amazing. I totally agree with you on the five pairs you selected. Wearing beautiful hosiery is one of the great joys in my life. I have to thank UK Tights for its help and in being the great company it is.

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