Revealed! Top spring-summer 2020 hosiery looks according to fashion stylists

Our spring-summer 2020 hosiery collection is ready to buy and ready to style. Have you already check out if your favourite hosiery brands have fresh new leg styles? If you haven’t just yet, take a couple of minutes first to read this post. We have spoken to the fashion experts to find out what they think of our new SS20 arrivals and they’ve told UK Tights what exactly are their spring-summer 2020 looks must-have styles. Ready to read more about them?

Lace tights are the hit of the season

spring-summer 2020 hosiery in lilac

Not that we haven’t told you already, right? So sorry for repeating ourselves. We had to. You need to know that lace tights are the absolute star style of the season. In the past, we told you about the increasing popularity of floral lace tights here and here.

As expected, spring-summer 2020 hosiery collections arrived and everyone went absolutely crazy about these lovely Oroblu coloured lace tights in the picture above. Fashion stylists are also loving it, so don’t be all surprised if you spot these in Vogue, Cosmopolitan or ELLE magazine any time soon.

Do you also love them? Not to worry! We have already re-stocked on these, so you should be able to get them in your favourite colour: orange, lilac, yellow, cream… Now, we have to warn you. You’ll struggle to decide which colour to buy. It’s difficult to go for only one pair with so many amazing colour options available.

And talking about amazing colours. Have you seen these below?

Your spring summer 2020 outfit needs some colourful hosiery

oroblu coloured sheer tights for ss20
How gorgeous are these coloured sheer tights!

We know it’s still cold out there, but you need to get ahead and buy a pair of our colourful Oroblu All Colours Sheer Tights. Any colour would do. Our current favourite colour is Idro 8, but only because we have ‘a thing’ for turquoise tones. They all are perfect! What’s your favourite colour for the season?

Star tights are always a good idea

Trasparenze Star Tights
Yellow, pink, blue… get your pair here

What’s not to love in a good pair of star patterned tights? Oroblu has some gorgeous tight with tiny stars all over, but our Trasparenze Durian star tights above are a total must-have for the season. They’re flying off our shelves. Although we thought you’d live the colourway above (Cosmetic nude and black), you’re all loving our blue, pink and yellow tights.

What colourway do you like the most?

Other tights bloggers and stylists are currently loving:

Now, please, leave us a comment with your favourite styles for the season. Which of these are your favourite tights? Do you have your own list of spring-summer 2020 hosiery essentials? Share it with us!


  • Randall Pierce

    Love all the tights above the one’s I want most of all are the Star Tights in the blue and pink just need a XL size hope you restock these soon. They sold out so fast didn’t have a chance to buy them please email me when instock in the blue and pink so I can get them to wear.

    • UK Tights

      We are sorry that these sold out so soon, Randall. We’ll surely let you know if and when we receive new stock!
      Thanks for your comment and support.
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • Steve N

    I agree that the Orublu coloured lace tights are fantastic. Definitely the most dazzling pair of โ€˜fancyโ€™ tights Iโ€™ve bought in quite a while. Iโ€™ll be back for more in different colours soon!

  • Paula

    Love all tights fishnet, patterns lace and opaque you have the best choice for all types keep up the great work

  • Dave

    I love the colours and patterns shown in this blog post.
    I find myself drawn to spots and stars on tights and I have a massive โ€œthingโ€ for yellow tights – I know it may seem weird but Iโ€™m just drawn to them, anyone in yellow tights will always have my full attention and I have to try hard not to stare lol.
    I tend to steer clear of bright colours but I do have a pair of Falke tights in red which I love to wear.

    I might try something a bit more daring or even just a pattern on sheer for the spring when XL are available.


  • Alan

    Yellow is my 2nd fave colour behind pink. I loove wearing a black lace top with black lace gloves. Yellow bra knickers and tights with a gorg yellow micro mini and sexy knee high boots!!!OMG only wearing pink makes me feel soooo alive and girlie. Loooove yellow xxx xxx

  • Alan

    Pink tights with black. Yellow tights with black. Red tights with black Thee 3 best colours of tights to wear with black uk tights. Any other colours I should try? Xx.

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