30 Denier Tights: When to Wear them

Semi-opaque 30 denier tights are always very popular around this time of the year, but many people still have never tried them. In between sheers and opaques, 30 denier tights, stockings and hold ups are a great addition to your wardrobe.

Le Bourget Luxury Semi-Opaque Tights

A brief introduction to 30 semi-opaque tights

There are a great many 30 denier tights available now, but this has not always been the case. Semi-opaque tights are quite a contemporary concept in hosiery. It used to be that you could only buy sheer tights that were very sheer, like 15 deniers or, at most, 20 deniers. Then, it was the turn of the woolly tights that were very much seen to be for the senior citizens to wear.

Legwear has changed so much over the past 40 years and we now have everything from 5 denier ultra-sheer tights, to the heaviest denier being somewhere in the region of 300. These exceptionally thick tights are sometimes more of a legging than a tight and can be worn with sloppy jumpers and short skirts just to give a layered, cosy and wintery look.

30 denier tights, ideal for cool weather

You may agree with us that 30 denier tights have been a really lovely addition to the hosiery market. This denier is sheer enough to see the shape of your legs but lightweight enough to wear when the weather is cool but not cold.

Some people like to wear them all year round but, in the Northern hemisphere, there is usually more call for a thicker tight as the seasons progresses from wintertime to spring, as well as at the beginning of autumn.

What’s the most popular colour of 30 denier tights?

By far, the most popular colour to be worn is black. 30 denier black tights make the legs look dressed and chic and they look lovely with skirts that sit just above the knee and are accompanied by a nice pair of heels.

Pink 30 denier tights by Fogal
These Fogal cyclamen coloured tights are ideal for this season!

However, there are a great many colours to be found that are right on trend and look amazing with all kinds of outfits. Some nice 30 denier tights, such as our Fogal 30, can add such class to your outfit as they are a top-quality product and fit well with the colour being even across your skin.

Again, our Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 30 tights are also a superb buy as are our Wolford Perfectly 30 tights, even though this last pair doesn’t have as much colour choice as the other two.

There are even support tights available now in a 30 denier, like the Wolford Pure 30 which are a beautiful product to wear and do a great job, too.

Semi-Opaque 30 denier tights are durable

Another great feature of the 30 denier tights is its durability. If you like sheer tights and you go for something along the lines of a 10 denier, then you’ll know that, although 10 denier tights may look like a whisper on your legs, they are also very fragile and easy to damage. There is nothing more infuriating than putting your fingers through a new pair of 10 denier tights.

The 30 deniers don’t only look chic and elegant, but they give great coverage, too. They are also so much more hardwearing and tend to last much longer than a thinner product.

30 Denier Black Semi-Opaque Tights

With the always-changing weather of spring, now it would be a great time to try the 30 deniers. They are a perfect all-rounder giving shape and definition to your legs whilst still giving good coverage and warmth as the chilly nights drawn close.

If you’re looking to add some colour to your life or just to try a different product that you feel will be a great addition to your hosiery wardrobe, then you won’t go far wrong with the 30 deniers that we have on offer.


  • Randall Pierce

    30 denier tights I myself wear year round plus other deniers no matter the color nice article always enjoy reading your blog.

  • John

    Hi, I prefer wearing 10 to 15 denier (nude, tan) tights/suspender belt and stockings with my shorts in warmer weather and thicker tights/stockings in colder weather around 40 to 60 denier (preferably black). My girlfriend is comfortable with me wearing women,s underwear and she usually helps me get the right types for me with the right panties. Sometimes she says it makes me look quite attractive wearing them.

  • David

    This time of year I get my 30’s out, in black. As you say the weather is unpredictable so it is nice knowing I have an extra layer on just in case. During the winter months, sometimes autumn and spring depends, I still wear my 300 denier, if it’s really cold I go for my 500 denier. All my tights are black, as I feel this is the best colour for legs. I love reading your blogs and the comments that follow 👍🏼

  • Richard

    Hi i recently purchased the Pierre Mantoux 30 denier and although pricey they were worth every penny unbelievable feel so soft better than any tights I have purchased before. Thank you to UK tights for advice also as I wouldn’t have gone for these otherwise.

  • Puerlin

    I was never interested in 30 denier in the past, I thought they would be uncomfortable compared to more sheer tights which I generally go for. However, I was given a pair of Oroblu Sensuel 30 in Dore a couple of months ago and they are so comfortable and they give your legs a great look because the thickness covers up blemishes so well and gives you a great look.

  • Dave M

    Having worn tights for many years I find wearing thin rubber gloves stop any snags. Because some tights are expensive.

  • Alan

    I must admit av very rarely wore tights that are 15/20 denier. I feel they are too light. I loooooove the 20 denier red love heart tights sooo much. But they are not strong enough denier. So I always put them gorg loveheart tights over a thick pair of glossy black 80 denier tights . OMG the shine they give your legs and how sexy you feel in them with a mini skirt n heels is awesome xxx

  • Steve N

    Semi-opaque tights are wonderful. They can look sophisticated with a skirt or dress and yet still provide enough coverage during those slightly chilly spring or autumn mornings. I wish more manufacturers made them in exciting colours – too many are plain old black!

  • Dave

    Hi Guys,
    I’m new to 30D tights, I bought some earlier this year for when the weather warmed up in late spring and never got round to wearing them.
    They’ve sat in my drawer since summer and now, due to the recent warmer spell, I’ve decided to wear them and over the past two days they’ve been absolutely perfect.
    I’ve never really liked sheer tights, I do have some Wolford 20s which feel great on but I don’t wear them much so my new 30D tights fill the gap between sheer and opaque perfectly.
    30D tights will extend the tights season for me by almost a month each end (I feel uncomfortable without tights) and they feel really nice on – a definite win on all counts.
    Keep up the good work UKT.


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