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Our Top Ten Looks From The MET Gala 2024

MET Gala 2024

This weekend was the MET Gala 2024, one of the most exciting dates on the fashion calender. We always comment on our favourite looks from the gala, whether or not they are very leg wear focused. We adore the variety and the spectacle, no matter what is on offer. Here, we have the top ten looks from the MET Gala 2024. Or at least, our favourite ones. And of course, we never really rank order these outfits either, so this is a list in no particular order.

Dua Lipa at MET Gala 2024

1. Dua Lipa

A jaw dropping outfit, to be sure. Stunning and deeply witchy red hair fits nicely with the forest fantasy theme of MET Gala 2024. The black lace, the polka dots, the boa, it is all so sensual. We adore Dua Lipa, she is a style icon for a reason, and she is showing it off here. Want a leg wear recommendation? Any black lace tights are exactly what you want.

Kim Kardashian at MET Gala 2024

2. Kim Kardashian

Did you think there would be a MET Gala 2024 best dressed list without a member of the Kardashian clan? Of course not, it would be impossible. Kim Kardashian looked stunning. She has rarely, if ever, looked less than spectacular. Here is her forest themed dress, and it has a silvery sparkle patina covering a leaf pattern. It looks like a Roman laurel wreath, with so much elegance and regal charm.

MET Gala 2024

3. Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning is always a good inspiration for elegant and demure, without anything too showy or glitzy. She loves to compliment her milky white skin with lighter shades and colours. We think this is a pretty good idea, especially when the result is something as gorgeous and elegant as this. Ivory, cream, white, anything like this is a powerful tool when used well for a spring outfit.

MET Gala 2024

4. Ashley Graham

Her name is synonymous with curvy models and we think she is the perfect ambassador for the fuller figure woman. The inky black dress she wore with an inbuilt bustier and corset is stunning. It is full of feminine charm and we adore how it accentuates the curves she loves so much.


5. Iris Law

Fairytale forest is the theme and this really captures the very first part of that. Iris Law wore a fairytale dress with so much colour and shimmering beauty. It is a feast of colours and stained-glass like effects. And interestingly, she is one of the few attendees that seemed to be wearing tights also. She clearly has sheer black tights on her legs and we think it perfectly finishes off the outfit.

J Lo

6. Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo has a very daring dress here, with almost nothing left to the imagination. It looks like a dragonfly’s wing or some other delicate fractal-like pattern. It is dramatic, it is fierce, and it is feminine. We adore the boldness of Jennifer Lopez and her fashion statements. And this is one of the most stunning in a long time.

Kendall Jenner in black and gold

7. Kendall Jenner

Black and gold seems to be a combo that has literally never fallen out of fashion. This combination is regal and beautiful, and empresses and queens have always adored it. Kendall Jenner is social media royalty in a way, so it is fitting she should have the same kind of

8. Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is maybe someone you associate with classic vintage styles. The beehive hair and those charming old school looks. But she has had her fair share of wacky too. And yes, the MET Gala 2024 is primarily about wacky and wonderful, so this is one of those occasions. Someone understood the assignment this year, too. Lana is as woodland as you can get here. And the spooky and phantasmagorical element comes through thanks to her inventive veil. A truly ethereal display.

9. Gigi Hadid

Very Marilyn Monroe-esque, with the busty white dress and classically swept blonde hair. But the lemony yellow and refreshing green gives this dress so much more. It is a stunning display and one of the most elegant on the entire runway this MET Gala 2024. This is great inspiration for some summer looks too. The white and floral is a popular choice for sun dresses. And if you want those sharp lemony colours, then some coloured tights would not go amiss either.

10. Emily Ratajkowski

But talk about stunning and you need to talk about Emily Ratajkowski. Of course the supermodel stole the thunder, she always does. The almost nuder number is dramatic and breathtaking. It is elegant beyond belief, however, with so much to feast your eye on in the details of the dress. For something like this,. we would recommend ultra sheers. If you have something so dramatically lacy or as this, make sure you don’t spoil it with thick tights.

Anything Else From The MET Gala 2024 That We Like?

Oh there is plenty, but we cannot pick them all out. Someone at a much bigger publication, Vogue, has done just that though. We naturally love the leggier designs, but it’s not just about that. We adore so much about fashion of all kinds. So we are very excited to look at more of these amazing looks. If you want more celebrity news that isn’t as wacky as all this, then go and see our celebrity section.

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