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Brooke Vincent Wears Tights For Fabulous, Styled By UK Tights

Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent has been a huge part of many people’s television viewing in Britain. From 2004 to 2019, she played Sophie Webster on Coronation Street. For our non-UK viewers, That is a very popular British soap opera. It is a staple of British TV screens and millions tune in each episode. For 15 years, Brook Vincent was a staple of the show. And this month, we helped dress her for Fabulous magazine. Check out Brooke Vincent and the tights she wore in the image below.

Brooke Vincent Tights

Brooke Vincent And Her Tights, What Did She Wear?

She wore these tights because of the brand new trend that is sweeping the leg wear world. Coloured tights, but only in the boldest colours. That is why she is sporting these stunning electric blue tights. Fabulous Magazine dressed her in a gorgeous bright red jumper and contrasting blue tights. That is a heck of a combo. Bright red and bright blue together? You may think that conventional wisdom would tell you that this is a faux pas. But sometimes new trends fly in the face of conventional wisdom. And thank goodness they do. What would life, and more importantly, what would fashion look like if they didn’t?

So, What’s The Exciting New Trend?

Contrast is the backbone of all great fashion. If you take a look at all the most iconic looks from your own favourite style icons, they contrast. Marilyn Monroe’s blonde hair and red lipstick, up against that famous white dress. Or Jennifer Lopez’s famous green jungle dress, against her tanned brown skin and brown hair. You don’t have to have contrasting items to look good, of course. All black is a great choice for those that want something monotone. But generally speaking, it is a great idea to bring together two quite different colours. Preferably in a way that contrasts but doesn’t clash. Here, Brook Vincent wears tights with a deep inky blue colour scheme. She also sports a bright scarlet red jumper and a splash of yellow eye shadow. The contrast is strong here, and we love it. To see the exact tights that Brooke wore, click here.

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