Cervin Caprice 15 Stockings
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Cervin Capri 15 Stockings
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Cervin Romantica StockingsBrown

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Cervin Champs Elysees Silk Stockings
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Ballerina Magnetic Lexa Stockings

Ballerina Magnetic Mia Stockings

Fiore Matrix 30 Stockings
Fiore Matrix 30 StockingsBlack

Fiore Grace 20 Stockings
Fiore Grace 20 StockingsBlack

Vickys Nylons Oh La La RHT Seamless Stockings Chocolate
Vickys Nylons Oh La La RHT Seamless Stockings ChocolateChocolate

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Playful Promises Merlot Seamed Stockings
Playful Promises Merlot Seamed StockingsMerlot

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Fiore Anais 20 StockingsBlack

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Fiore Jordana 20 StockingsBlack White

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Fiore Alice 20 StockingsBlack-Red

Miss O Sheer Gloss Stockings
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Leg Avenue Sheer Seamed Stockings (1000)
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Leg Avenue Backseam With Cuban Heel Stockings 1024
Leg Avenue Backseam With Cuban Heel Stockings 1024Nude-Black

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Fiore Madame Seamed Stockings
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Fiore Madame Seamed StockingsPoudre-Red-Seam

Fiore Marion 20 Stockings
Fiore Marion 20 StockingsBlack

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Fiore Eternal 20 Stockings
Fiore Eternal 20 StockingsBlack

Fiore Sabado 20 Stockings
Fiore Sabado 20 StockingsBlack

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Fiore Incontra 20 Stockings
Fiore Incontra 20 StockingsBlack

Fiore Etheris 20 Stockings
Fiore Etheris 20 StockingsBlack

There is no sexier combo than vintage stockings and suspenders and one simply cannot be worn without the other. This distinguishes them from hold-ups which silicone bands to stay up. Being more rigid than the waistband of a pair of tights, a suspender belt helps you achieve a timeless, hourglass silhouette.

Why Wear Nylon Stockings?

Aside from being incredibly sexy, their practical side is often underestimated. Teamed with a good suspender belt, they are a functional but sexy item of lingerie. Many women prefer this kind of hosiery to tights for hygiene reasons. Being completely gusset free, they are less likely to harbour bacteria and odour. For everyday wear, we recommend plain, 15 denier stockings as they are slightly more conservative than those with back-seams. A plain nude or black stocking in 15 or 20 denier, is easy to wear and a superb choice. Back-seams are best saved for the weekend.

The History Of Stockings

Queen Elizabeth I, wore the first loom produced silk stockings in the 1600's. They were gifted to her by Reverend Lee, clergyman and inventor of one of the first power looms. These first nylon stockings were incredibly expensive and worn only by nobility. Technology progressed and within a few centuries, stockings became affordable to the moderately well-off. Later, during WWII, as silk was reserved for making parachutes the fashion industry was forced to get creative with materials. Nylon made stockings more affordable, robust, and easier to wear. The back-seamed stocking was born and remains the most iconic legwear in history.

Stockings Are The Epitome Of Vintage Fashion

Fully fashioned stockings emerged around the 1930s and 1940s and set the gold standard for hosiery. Now the epitome of vintage, but at the time, really were an innovation. The two most common styles of Nylons were Cuban heel a brickwork style pyramid that leads to a back-seam and point heel (or French heel) which have a smooth graduated curve. With over 130 different stockings direct to your door in every size and colour imaginable, we carry more than any other online retailer. If you can't find what you are looking for on our site, please don't hesitate to call us.

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