Sarah Borghi

Sarah Borghi Dea Floral Tights

Sarah Borghi Amelie Over The Knee Tights
Sarah Borghi Amelie Over The Knee TightsNero

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Sarah Borghi Natalia Tights
Sarah Borghi Natalia TightsCioccolato

Sarah Borghi Agnese Tights
Sarah Borghi Agnese TightsNero

Sarah Borghi Vivien Tights
Sarah Borghi Vivien TightsNero Verdone

Sarah Borghi Roxane Tights
Sarah Borghi Roxane TightsNero

Sarah Borghi Jill Tights
Sarah Borghi Jill TightsNero Rabarbaro-1

Sarah Borghi Isabel Tights
Sarah Borghi Isabel TightsNero Rabarbaro-1

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Sarah Borghi Hanna Tights
Sarah Borghi Hanna TightsRabarbaro-1 Oceano-21

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Sarah Borghi Janet Tights
Sarah Borghi Janet TightsNero

Sarah Borghi Lilian Tights
Sarah Borghi Lilian TightsNero

Sarah Borghi Agatha Tights
Sarah Borghi Agatha TightsNero Avorio

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Sarah Borghi Viola 15 Hold Ups
Sarah Borghi Viola 15 Hold UpsNero Nudo Bianco

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Sarah Borghi Velour 50 Opaque Tights
Sarah Borghi Velour 50 Opaque TightsNero Blu Borgogna Cobalto Rubino Fume Oceano-21 Mimetico

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Sarah Borghi Vel 40 Hold Ups
Sarah Borghi Vel 40 Hold UpsNero Ciocolato Castoro

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Sarah Borghi Solaris 6 Sheer Tights
Sarah Borghi Solaris 6 Sheer TightsNero Blu Caffe Nudo Perla

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Sarah Borghi Vel 20 Tights
Sarah Borghi Vel 20 TightsNero Blu Fume Nudo

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Sarah Borghi Xelle 20 Tights
Sarah Borghi Xelle 20 TightsNero Castoro Camel Nudo

Sarah Borghi Green 20 Tights
Sarah Borghi Green 20 TightsNero Camel Nudo

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Sarah Borghi Green 40 Tights
Sarah Borghi Green 40 TightsNero Verde-Bosco Bordeaux Blu

Sarah Borghi has been a close partner of UK Tights for many years, and they never cease to impress us with their fashion tights designs. They have so many interesting things to show us each and every season, and this latest collection might just be their largest and most impressive yet. So what is it about Sarah Borghi and their beloved range that is so impressive? Why are they so well regarded in the world of fashion tights? Let's find out.

Why Are Sarah Borghi Fashion Tights So Popular?

There are many reasons why we and others love Sarah Borghi so much. The number one reason might just be that their gorgeous items of fashion hosiery are as creative as they are elegant. Or perhaps it is that they are some of the best items for those that love Italian made leg wear and want the highest quality items from Italy that are available. Or it is most likely both of these elements, and perhaps more. People adore Sarah Borghi's quality, and they also adore their ability to take classic fashion tights and give them a brand new modern twist, or make whole new patterns and designs we have never seen before. But with all this, they are always tasteful and elegant too, and never anything less than balanced, which is what makes them so amazing and beloved.

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