Bodies are one of the best pieces of fashion to have become big over the past few years and they are really taking the world of lingerie and underwear by storm. These items of underwear are essentially a pair of briefs and a top combined. This new kind of bodywear eliminates the need to wear one or the other and makes dressing up more straightforward than ever. The best part about bodies is that they are opaque enough to wear without anything to go under or over them. This is what separates them from bodystockings, which are items of underwear only and are not suitable for wearing out of the house. A body is a full piece of clothing but with the ease of wearing something like a play suit. It is the absolute simplest way to add something very modern and super stylish to your outfit. All you need for a great look with a body is to pair with a skirt or pair of pants and a blazer or chic leather jacket. This is one of the great modern innovations of the lingerie world and we have dozens of items to show you from this range that we just love. Here we have bodies by Wolford and Pierre Mantoux, some of our most fashionable designers of leg wear and lingerie, and by a few other great designers of underwear and bodywear. See our whole range of fashionable bodies and find something you absolutely love that will be as cutting edge and chic as it will be convenient and gorgeous.

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