Lole Activewear Run Capris
Lole Activewear Run CaprisHot-Pink-Hills

Lole Activewear Repose Top
Lole Activewear Repose TopBlack White

Lole Activewear Lumina Bra
Lole Activewear Lumina BraHot-Pink

Lole Activewear Alanah Top
Lole Activewear Alanah TopBlack-Marl Hot-Pink-Marl

Lole Activewear Aerin Bra
Lole Activewear Aerin BraHot-Pink

Lole Activewear is one of our first activewear brands, and it instantly became one of our most popular ranges when it arrived with us this year. So what is Lole Activewear about? Is it a simple activewear designer? No, most certainly not. It is so much more than that. They are an activewear designer that really pushes themselves to make high quality items of sportswear, as well as the most innovative gym item designs possible. Lole Activewear does this through some interesting ways and the two you might have guessed are making their items with incredibly high quality materials and craftsmanship, and the other is bringing their skills to types of activewear you have likely never seen before. Lole Activewear's quality is superb, perhaps even second to none, and that first part of their recipe is absolutely vital to understanding why these items are so loved. But it is the second part that really fascinates us. They are turning their attention to items of clothing that you never would have thought could be revolutionised. They make bags, nightwear, underwear, casual clothing and so much more. They have even made backpacks that might just be the most efficient and easy to pack items we have ever seen and they are super popular with gym goers. This all culminates in one of the most wonderful and amazing ranges we have ever seen and Lole Activewear is really changing so many different aspects of the sportswear world because of this.

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