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Soak Travel Size BottlePineapple-Grove Lacey Celebration Scentless

Have you ever come to wash some of your tights and other items of leg wear and dreaded having to untangle them from a wash in the washing machine, or found that they had holes or ladders in them from a less than gentle treatments in a water that was too hot? Well, how would you like to have an item that made washing your tights as easy as it is to wash your jeans? You could buy a more robust pair of tights, but they would have to be ultra-thick leggings for that kind of reassurance, so instead, why not go for one of the most amazing and gentle washing products you have ever tried, but one that still does the job. Soak wash is that item.

Use Soak to hand-wash your hosiery

Simply add a few drops of Soak's unique clothing soap to cool water, no need to even get the water warm, and let the item soak for a while. Then give it a gentle squeeze and let it drip dry. Don't bother with rinsing, don't rush to get it in the dryer, just put it away after it dries naturally. This is a new and unusual way of thinking about how you should clean your leg wear, but really it's not at all difficult to do one you try it for the first time. It is easily the best thing for the life cycle of your garments and it is so hassle free that you will never want to do go back to using hosiery wash bags and other items again. Soak clothes soap is also a great item for swimwear, lingerie and other intimate items, and they are available in smaller travel bottles for airports and passport control, so you needn't waste time getting to your destination or have to transfer your Soak clothes soap into another container. That way you can also keep the original bottle and its instructions; not that you'll such a simple and straightforward set of how-to guidelines anyway!

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