White Stockings

Pamela Mann Sheer Shine Stockings

Fiore Flirty 20 Stockings
Fiore Flirty 20 StockingsWhite-Red

Fiore Bianca 8 Stockings
Fiore Bianca 8 StockingsOff-White

Fiore Romance 20 Stockings
Fiore Romance 20 StockingsBlack Tan Natural White

Fiore Jordana 20 Stockings
Fiore Jordana 20 StockingsBlack White

Miss O Sheer Gloss Stockings
Miss O Sheer Gloss StockingsBlack Visone White

Fiore Justine 20 Stockings
Fiore Justine 20 StockingsBlack Tan Light-Natural White

Glamory Delight 20 Denier Seamed Stockings
Glamory Delight 20 Denier Seamed StockingsBlack-Black-Seam Black-RedSeam Teint-Black-Seam White-Black-Seam

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Glamory Perfect 20 Denier Stockings
Glamory Perfect 20 Denier StockingsSchwarz Red Make-Up White

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Silky Super Shine Lace Top Stockings
Silky Super Shine Lace Top StockingsBlack Barely-Black Nude Cream White

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Silky Scarlet Plain Top Fishnet Stockings
Silky Scarlet Plain Top Fishnet StockingsBlack Red White

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Trasparenze Sara Stockings
Trasparenze Sara StockingsBlack Navy Antracite Bronze Playa Bianco-Seta Bianco

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White stockings are not necessarily the first things you'd pick for a night out or to wear during the day, but like any niche and specialised item, they have a few very important uses that you just can't find anything else for. They are a great option for a handful of really specific occasions, and when their time has come, they make for some of the most amazing and beautiful items of legwear imagineable.

Essential White Stockings

White stockings are unbeatable for a handful of cases, but one one particular scenario is where they shine, and that is for weddings. Bridal stockings can come in white, ivory or champagne but the former is always the most popular. The other two shades are really to match to specific skin tones, but if you don't have very fair skin, are confident with white legwear, or are a traditionalist, then white is always the best choice. White stockings have been the first thing to pick out as wedding stockings for decades and the tradition still stands strong. Here is our collection of all our stockings that come in white, and everything is assembled here for your convenience. Find something amazing for your wedding day or for a costume right here.

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