All About UK Tights

UK Tights is one of the biggest online apparel and clothing retailers in the UK. It began under the business name Web Shop Direct, and began trading on 6th September 2005 with the first website, UK Tights. It was started by Dawn and Jonathan, husband and wife team that launched their first retail website from their home office. As Dawn found out she was was expecting a baby girl, she decided to start a small business to support her growing family. Jonathan, a software engineer, put together a basic site for her to start selling tights and socks and other leg wear. She chose tights after going shopping for an outfit for a party and finding out the nearest department store hadn't got a single pair of tights to match her outfit. So with that, the husband and wife team launched, their first attempt at selling leg wear online. They began out of a home office with a few pairs of tights bought from a single brand and one computer, taking orders at the end of the day to a nearby Post Office. proved to be a less memorable name, and so changes the website name to UK Tights. The first three years were very challenging, but the company grew and found its feet.

In 2008, they wanted something that would sell in the summer months when leg wear was less popular, so launched UK Bikinis. This was similarly restrictive, and gives you the impression that it was only really open to selling bikinis and not other swimwear. So instead, they then became UK Beachwear. This was a bit better and lasted a few years, but eventually it was changed to reflected their growing range, and it became UK Swimwear. Now we had a huge summer offering too, as tights are rarely worn in the warmer months, and so the business was able to survive and thrive throughout the year. But there was more for the team of two to achieve.

In 2016, they launched UK Lingerie, the natural next step for a leg wear specialist site like UK Tights. This was a big step, as lingerie is a competitive market, and lots of people are vying for the attention of each customer. But we wanted to make sure that our loyal customers were able to find anything they need that might be considered underwear and leg wear. So with that in mind, we launched UK Lingerie. This was our third site, and it was possibly our fastest growing and one that had so much potential. Then we realised we were running into a really big obstacle. How was a customer going to find all the needed across two different sites? If you wanted a pair of stockings you could find it on our first site. But what about a suspender belt, which would be found on UK Lingerie? That would mean you would have to put in two orders and have two open accounts. We thought this was too much to ask, so we decided to sort out the problem, once and for all.

In 2021, we merged UK Lingerie and UK Tights. This meant that it was easier than ever to browse our range, and you didn't have to juggle two different services to do so. We began merging them and migrating our range from UK Lingerie into the larger range at UK Tights. This process was slow and careful, but we felt it would make for a much easier time and experience down the line when it was finished and our fans could find everything in one place. This turned out to be the very best option, and our range is much more organized than every before.

Now, UK Tights is the final destination of our range, and the home of all our leg wear and lingerie products. This means it is the most elegant solution to finding the items you need. It is the equivalent of what many shops and stores decided upon many decades ago when the department store first became popular. So, with so many different items to chose from, why not take advantage of this newly remodelled site to find what you want, and see our whole range of items right here today.


    Stars Award - Legwear Retailer of the Year (2020)
    Stars Award - Specialist E-tailer (2016)
    Stars Award - Finalist (2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022)