Love Luna

Love Luna, the best period underwear in the UK. Love Luna is a fascinating designer and one that we can confidently say is completely unique and new in the UK Lingerie range. Love Luna makes wonderfully comfy briefs and affordable, well made items of underwear. But what is so unique about this?

What Does Love Luna Do Precisely?

Well, Love Luna specializes in hygienic underwear and period underwear. They make items of underwear that are designed for menstruation and incontinence. Period underwear, incontinence underwear and maternity underwear are what Love Luna specializes in. They are a wonderful designer for items like this with so much experience and dedication behind them. Love Luna are not just your regular items of underwear for leaks though. Instead of the dreadful, uncomfortable and unflattering items one usually finds in this category of lingerie, Luna Love is regular looking underwear that is comfy and stylish too. They have developed a unique interior lining that means any leaks or accidents are no problem at all.

What Are Some Of Love Luna's Best Features?

Firstly, they are also washable, meaning you can simply pop them in with other items of underwear and will last many multiple washes before the lining becomes less effective. Love Luna underwear lasts for up to 50 rewashes before you need a new pair. They are also entirely biodegradable, with an incredible set of green credentials. Most panty liners take between 500 and 800 years to biodegrade, but Love Luna will disappear in a matter of months. If you are in need of hygienic underwear or period underwear like this around the time of your period or during menopause, these are the items for you.

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