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Here at UK Tights we are always looking at new ways to see if we can find a great deal for our customers. That is why we looked at one very important and fundamental part of our range, which is our most affordable tights. At our most affordable end, we have some really great items that are far better than you might first think, but they are also opportunities for us to improve too. And the new range, UK Tights Super Saver, is just that. We have managed to source some really good everyday quality cheap tights and produced multi packs that will save you even more money.

What Is UK Tights Super Saver?

We have found a manufacturer that can produce private label items that really do keep the costs down, but are also high quality still. This is because they make them quickly and in bulk, so they can cut the costs on the slower and more time consuming types of manufacturing. This is why we offer them in a multi pack, so that we can buy in the same amount that we usually would, clear space for new items quickly, meaning we don't run out of space in our warehouse. But more on this later. We package these tights in a plastic sleeve like most tights come in, but not a cardboard pack. This is the more expensive of the two packaging components, so getting rid of it is very good for costs, and we can pass that on to you. We also don't spend a great deal on photography, or graphic design, or even promotion as we have a great platform in the form of our website already. All of these costs, like shiny new packs and new photography drives the price of your tights up.

Multi Pack Tights

If you are buying tights for work it can become very expensive and time consuming, plus you don't want to start to get ready for work and find out you have run out of your tights. As we are packing these in packs of 6 its really easy to stock up and never run out. To solve this, we have bundled the tights together in packs of six creating a good quality low cost multi pack. The multi packs come in support tights, glossy tights, every day sheer tights and we hope to grow the range over the coming months. These tights are produced in the UK and are not cheap imports.

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