Wonderbra Ultimate Silhouette Thong
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Wonderbra Sexy Foulard Bralette
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Wonderbra Ultimate Silhouette T-Shirt Bra
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Wonderbra Refined Glamour Triangle Bra
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Wonderbra Modern Chic Brazilian Brief
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Wonderbra is a name that so many of us recognise, and it is likely the best example in the world of lingerie of a household name. It is a designer with a long history of great products and a wonderful range of lingerie for nearly any person or any occasion. But they have always been a steady and dependable name, rather than a big fashion house. Now, these things are changing. Let's take a look.

What's New About Wonderbra?

Wonderbra are expanding into far more than just the essentials of the underwear world. They are trying their hand at fashion, at gorgeous and stylish designs that are as beautiful as anything else you might find from contemporary designers. But they are also sticking to their history and legacy. They are making items of lingerie that are just as comfy, supportive and full of technical prowess as they always have been. This is the new direction for Wonderbra and we think it's a great one.

Why Should I Choose Wonderbra?

Wonderbra is a fantastic product for so many reasons, as we mentioned, their stylish designs grow with each passing season. But the really amazing part is still what they are best known for. They always have been and perhaps always will be the greatest designer for comfort, great fit and amazingly versatile designs. If you need a bra where fit comes first, especially if you need a size that many other designers don't do, you will find it with Wonderbra. They are far and away the best name for the more practical side of their type of clothing. So if you want a solid bedrock of great quality, an amazingly comfy fit that feels as if you are wearing nothing at all, then there are a few choices, but none with the history, the pedigree and the great legacy that is Wonderbra. If you want that solid foundation, then some great fashion choices on top, choose Wonderbra.

Is Wonderbra Lingerie Practical Or Fashionable?

Of course, most designers put off these qualities first. As we have mentioned above, for most designers, one quality comes first. And Wonderbra has concentrated on quality, comfort and great fit first, over the more aesthetic qualities of fashion and style. but that doesn't mean they can't hold their own on the fashion front. After decades of superb fit and unbeatable comfort, Wonderbra bras have the recipe down to a tee. So now they can easily concentrate on amazing new fashion bras with their foundation in fit firmly established.

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