Ladder Resist Hold Ups

Cecilia de Rafael Eterno 9 Bas Hold Ups
Cecilia de Rafael Eterno 9 Bas Hold UpsBlack Moreno Natural

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Charnos Bridal Lace Top Hold Ups
Charnos Bridal Lace Top Hold UpsChampagne-Ivory Ivory

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Charnos Run Resist Hold Ups
Charnos Run Resist Hold UpsBlack Natural-Tan

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Ladder resist hold ups are one of the best selling categories of items in the world of leg wear and an amazing innovation that bridges the otherwise insurmountable gaps between practicality and beauty.
Why is it that ladder resist hold ups in particular are so popular? It is likely because of their sheer fabrics, as hold ups are almost universally sheerer. Opaque fabrics are popular with tights as they offer more coverage and are ideal for winter, so they tend to have more opaque options available. Hold ups have less coverage than tights, and are often bound to the summer months. Because of this they are 10 or 20 denier in thickness making them less robust than other types of hosiery.

Ladder resist hold ups quickly became a necessity for any woman who wanted these gorgeous garments without fear of getting an embarrassing ladder up your leg. The other big reason isn't for the sake of practicality at all though, but rather it's about sexiness.Hold ups are some of the sexiest and most feminine garments in the world of leg wear or in any other category of clothing for that matter. But they lose some of their appeal if you have a hole or a ladder in the material, Ladder resist hold ups have become exceedingly popular because they have made this a thing of the past completely.

It is now not necessary to wear thicker hold ups to get that extra robustness, brands having gotten ahead of the curve by designing items that people will want, even if they never imagined that they exist. And the best part is they don't look at all different from any other kind of leg wear out there. There is a big difference between back-seams that fit as if they were tailored and regularly knitted tights that are entirely without a seam but are more generic in their fit. There is no difference between ladder resist hold ups and other kinds though, so your outfit won't have to change or look any different, so you will always get the exact look you want from your leg wear.

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