Bluebella Scala Bra
Save 30%
Bluebella Scala BraBlack

Bluebella Portia Bra
Save 30%
Bluebella Portia BraBlack

Bluebella More Metis Bra
Save 30%
Bluebella More Metis BraBlack

Bluebella More Hera Brief
Save 30%
Bluebella More Hera BriefBlack

Bluebella More Hera Bra
Save 30%
Bluebella More Hera BraBlack

Bluebella Kara Playsuit
Save 50%
Bluebella Kara PlaysuitBlack

Bluebella Julienne Bra
Save 30%
Bluebella Julienne BraRed

Bluebella Heidi Push Up Bra
Save 30%
Bluebella Heidi Push Up BraRose-Dust

Bluebella Francesca Bra
Save 30%
Bluebella Francesca BraBlack

Bluebella Cerium Bra
Save 30%
Bluebella Cerium BraBlack-Blue

Bluebella Bailey Bra
Save 30%
Bluebella Bailey BraBlack

Bluebella Arabella Bra
Save 30%
Bluebella Arabella BraRed

Bluebella Amira Bra
Save 30%
Bluebella Amira BraRose-Dust-Black

Bluebella Adelia Bra
Save 30%
Bluebella Adelia BraCorodvan-Black

Bluebella is a very interesting brand of lingerie that we feel a great affinity with. Founded in 2005, the same year as Web Shop Direct, they also have a very similar mission statement to us. Fashionable, stylish and sexy lingerie that the modern woman will love, in a range of sizes, at affordable prices. Bluebella have a very similar ethos to our own and have remained true to their original goal.

Mr Grey Will See You Now...

Bluebella is most well known for being the official brand of '50 Shades Of Grey' lingerie. Their range is exquisitely sexy but not for the faint-hearted. This is some of the sexiest and most feminine lingerie in the world but with a nod to BDSM style, is not at all tasteless or tacky. Bluebella creates boudoir outfits which are thoroughly sophisticated, designed for a woman with taste and self-esteem and confidence. Bluebella lingerie accentuates the figure, looks beautiful and is surprisingly affordable!

Daringly Different Lingerie

Bluebella lingerie sets are probably the most innovative the lingerie world has seen for a long time, especially for the price. Their pieces include harness thongs; a thong which, as the name would suggest, has a harness which attaches around the neck. Such a design sounds shocking but actually looks extremely classy.

Exquisitely Priced Elegance

Upon seeing such exquisite designs, you would expect them to come with a hefty price tag but they are in fact, among the most accessible and easy to afford lingerie around. If you want sensual and strikingly beautiful lingerie, with affordability and modern design, this is the designer for you. Select a bra and briefs from Bluebella and you will have one of the most feminine sets of lingerie you ever owned and it will be as beautiful a lingerie set as you deserve.

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