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Maternity tights are one of the best items of leg wear you'll ever wear, for one very simple reason. They take what can be a very uncomfortable time and transform your experience into something truly care free and as special as it should be. So let's see what makes them so special.

Maternity Tights

Maternity tights offer a compression effect, like many other items do, but with one key difference. Maternity tights have a more giving panel in the front that allow you to grow into your term without buying more items every few weeks.

The idea of getting a new pair of tights every couple of weeks even though yours are fine is nonsense. Especially when they have room in the tummy area and are baggy around the legs. Maternity tights combat this with an ordinary material composition in the legs and yet in the brief they are solidly built and will stretch nigh-infinitely. This allows them to be worn from the first days of your pregnancy until the big day arrives.

Maternity Support Tights

This is the most obvious benefit of maternity tights, but there is more. The other, more subtle benefit is the compression and support. Having some compression in your leg wear is a great way to make your pregnancy a much more manageable time. By gently massaging your legs, it helps with your circulation, making it easy for you to stay feeling relaxed and refreshed throughout the day. Better circulation means your legs get more oxygen and your muscles don't cramp as easily. It is hard to take care of your legs when you can never sit comfortably and when you are carrying more with you than you would normally. That's why the compression factor in these specialised maternity support tights are so very useful and a godsend to have on your body throughout the day.

What about those women who need one without the other? Some women know that they don't need the compression factor of maternity tights or the support irritates them. Some women like to have it there, but don't want to feel constrained. Most maternity support tights come in different factors to combat this and these tights are no different. They are as varied as can be. You can get lighter maternity support tights and ones that are firmer for later on in your pregnancy. Anything you need is available and their are as many different varieties as their are colours.

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