Tavi Noir

Tavi Noir are a very interesting new brand of sportswear and activewear. They are one of the best examples of a designer that makes practical and workout-friendly activewear and athleisure items, but they are also capable of making those same practical items that are also every bit as stylish as they are useful in the gym. There have been many designers we have had here at UK Tights that specialise in sportswear and activewear that have a fashion focus. They might have stylish and interesting patterns, or have a novelty design, but we have never seen anything quite like the Tavi Noir. These stunning sports bras, yoga pants, and workout leggings are so unlike regular items of activewear that we haven't really seen anything like them before. They are so stylish and so unlike the aerodynamic and ultra-sleek items you customarily wear to the gym, that you can wear anything from Tavi Noir as a regular item of clothing day to day. You can look every bit as stylish and dressed up as with the most fashionable clothing and some of the designs Tavi Noir have don't look like activewear at all, despite performing like it. And what is more, they are some of the most exceptionally well made activewear in the world of athleisure and sport.

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