Playful Promises

Playful Promises is one of those names that evokes exactly what the brand itself is about. This designer is a British-based manufacturer of gorgeous vintage stockings. There are a few revivalist brands out that that want to bring the very best of the past back into vogue and Playful Promises is one of these brands. They are all about making historically faithful stockings, in particular backseam stockings. This is an area that people are really getting into again. People want the halcyon days of vintage backseam stockings back and there are more than a few designers that are happy to bring them to you. Playful Promises is one, and their gorgeous seamed stockings are full to the brim with that vintage appeal. Their range is also a great choice for those that want a splash of variety about them too. They are not just a faithful recreation of the pin up stockings you have seen in retro artwork. They also have newer and more modern colours that may not have been available at the time. Tan and black are ideal for those that want something sexy and classic, but how about some red stockings, or maybe some rich purple stockings, or whatever other shade of coloured stockings you can imagine. Playful Promises strikes the perfect balance of the new and the vintage with their collection.

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