Heist The Lace Tights
Heist The Lace TightsBlack Apple-Green Paloma-Grey Vintage-Ivory

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Heist The Spot Tights
Heist The Spot TightsBlack Midnight-Navy Sunset-Pink Vintage-Ivory

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Heist The Fifteen Tights
Heist The Fifteen TightsBlack

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Heist The Thirty Five Tights
Heist The Thirty Five TightsBlack Midnight-Navy

Heist is a fantastic new name in the world of leg wear design. They are one of those brands that do so many things well, and they really do seem to tick all of our boxes. But what are these qualities that we love, exactly? It is partly their expertise in making items of unrivalled comfort. They make items of leg wear that fit far better than almost anyone else. It is also Heist's skill at creating very stylish leg wear, with interesting and modern patterns, and gorgeous colour scheme. Or perhaps it is also their superb environmental credentials, and the fact that all their tights are made with recycled yarn. Heist really does have it all, but those are just the conventional categories. What about something new and original. Well, the single best thing about Heist tights is their innovation when it comes to the gusset. They use exclusively a gusset-free construction in their tights. They don't use this traditional piece of design and instead they use a truly seam-free type of construction. This means any garment from Heist is totally without irritating and itchy seams. Instead, the fabric is very robust and stretchy, and it stretches over your figure perfectly. This gives it the unbeatable fit that you might get in some other form fitting and comfy items like yoga pants. Heist tights really do have it all and we adore just how well they make their items whilst still trying something new and daring and risky.

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