Footless tights

Wolford Snake Lace Footless Tights

Heist The Cut Off Footless Tights

Wolford Satin Touch 20 Leggings
Wolford Satin Touch 20 LeggingsBlack Navy Fairly-Light

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Silky Dance Childrens Fishnet Footless Tights
Save £3.99

Silky Dance Adult Fishnet Footless Tights
Save £3.00

Oroblu All Colours 50 Opaque Footless Tights
Oroblu All Colours 50 Opaque Footless TightsBlack Blue-11 Marine-5 Grey-8 Brown-4 Marine-3 Chocolate-2- Emerald-1 Glossy-7 Green-28 Milk-1

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Trasparenze Dorella 100 Denier Footless Tights
Trasparenze Dorella 100 Denier Footless TightsNero Antracite Metal Blu Rio-Verde Bordo Ottanio Bianco

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Wolford Velvet 66 Footless Tights
Wolford Velvet 66 Footless TightsBlack

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Falke Cotton Touch Footless Tights
Falke Cotton Touch Footless TightsBlack Anthracite

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Hudson Cover Seamless Footless Tights
Hudson Cover Seamless Footless TightsMarine

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Footless tights and leggings for women are a fashion staple and are available in some great colours, stripes, animal and tartan print. If you prefer a plainer look but still want to look stylish, black footless tights are the perfect accessory to make a truly stylish fashion statement.

What Are Footless Tights?

Footless tights are a hosiery garment which often gets confused with leggings. They are very similar in the sense that they are both tightly fitting legwear without feet but they are designed to be worn in different ways. Footless tights are made from much lighter fabric than leggings and are usually seamless. The absence of seams, low profile and figure hugging fit makes footless tights ideal for wearing under outer clothes but they are not suitable for wearing as an outer garment. Why? Because they are made from hosiery fabric, rather than hi-stretch material. Even the most opaque footless tights will still show the tone of your skin through the fabric in high stretch areas.

When To Wear Footless Tights

For dancers, footless tights are the preferred choice over leggings. They stretch and move with your body allowing complete freedom of movement without creasing or bunching up around the knees for example. They are made from lighter fabric than leggings so you won't overheat whilst wearing them during a dance class or stage performance. The same properties also make footless tights ideal for wearing under outer clothes on warmer days or nights out.

What To Wear With Footless Tights

For a cute party outfit style a play-suit or mini-dress with heels and footless tights. If you're feeling a little off but still want to look like you've made an effort, team footless tights with an oversized knitted jumper and some cute ballet flats, you'll feel cosy and comfortable but still look chic. On cold days, a pair of fishnet footless tights under a pair of ripped jeans will look fashionably funky whilst keeping you warm. A brightly coloured suit jacket with matching coloured footless tights and sneakers looks super slick when completed with a plain black bodycon dress. Open toe tights are also a great option for those cooler nights out when you want to show off your perfectly manicured toes in strappy high heeled sandals but don't want cold legs when walking from one bar to the next.

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