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Maidenform is one of the most interesting new addition to the UK Tights range and one of the most exciting names in the world of leg wear. Maidenform are new to us at UK Tights, but they are not new to their industry by any means. At nearly a century old, they are actually one of the most veteran designers in their field and have been making pretty much every type of underwear for the longest time. And when we say "veteran" we certainly mean it. They actually made items for the veterans during World War II, including parachutes, but more famously they were responsible for the world famous "pidgeon bra". This was a little pouch made for carrier pidgeons, so that when a paratrooper landed, they could release their pidgeon from a harness with a simple rip cord and let them fly away with a message, letting headquaters know they had landed safely.

Maidenform were already a respected name befor the war, being founded in 1922 in Bayonne, New Jersey, so they had nearly 20 years of experience by the time they became a manufacturer for the armed forces. After the war, they continued to make shapewear, which is their bread and butter business and concentrated on perfecting their designs and learning everything they could to develop better and better items. The result, years later, was some of the best shapewear in the world and over 40% of the market share of Maidenform's category of clothing in the USA, and a great presence all over the rest of the world.

This number was announced after they became a public company in 2005, and they have only gotten better at making their range since, improving their products year on year and learning what they can from their customers' feedback each season. But what about the Maidenform range itself. Well, UK Tights is naturally interested in one thing, leg wear. Maidenform leg wear is some of the best compression tights and support tights. They have every conceivable type of support tights out there, including waist cincher tights, shaping tummy flattener tights, high waist body shaper tights, bottom shaping tights and more. They have something for everyone and this makes them the perfect brand for anyone who wants to shape their figure and get the best quality, most expertly designed items of leg wear in the world, with nearly a century of experience behind them.

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