Sandal Toe Hold Ups

Sandal toe hold ups are one of the most popular types of leg wear in the world right now, and especially when it comes to leg wear for summer. But what exactly is a sandal toe? And why are they so popular? And why is it a summer hold up feature? Well, the humble sandal toe is a type of invisible toe that shows your toes but doesn't uncover them. The material still covers all of your feet, including the toes. However, a sandal toe means that it appears at first blush as if you have nothing covering them at all. This gives it some fantastic extra versatility. Firstly, it gives you the freedom to wear peep toe shows shoes with your sandal toe hold ups. Although your toes are still covered, it looks as if they are free and open, allowing you to show off your nail polish through your peep toe shoes. Another great part about sandal toe hold ups is that they are superbly easy to wear during the heat of the summer months, when the weather is swelteringly hot and at its most intense. How so exactly? Well, they are usually paired with very sheer hold ups. Some designs are even ultra sheer hold ups. These is because there is no point in having toes that look invisible if the leg doesn't also. So this means that you almost always find them on items that are superbly subtle. This gives you a real freedom around summer time to wear hold ups that look invisible and also don't feel at all stifling to have on your legs. And of course, the greatest benefit is that they are far more feminine. That almost goes without saying, as most hold ups have some gorgeous lace tops that enhance any look. And if you go for the popular newer option of ring tops or plain top hold ups, then it can look just as sexy but very stylish and futuristic too.

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