Sisi Slim Effect 30 Tights
Sisi Slim Effect 30 TightsBlack Havana

Sisi Touch Effect 50 Tights
Sisi Touch Effect 50 TightsBlack

Sisi Naturalflip Wool Tights
Sisi Naturalflip Wool TightsBlack

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Sisi Cashmere Feeling Opaque Tights
Sisi Cashmere Feeling Opaque TightsBlack

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Sisi Fascino 40 Tights
Sisi Fascino 40 TightsBlack Daino

Sisi Style 40 Tights
Sisi Style 40 TightsBlack Daino

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Sisi Style 20 Tights
Sisi Style 20 TightsBlack Daino

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Sisi Style 15 Tights
Sisi Style 15 TightsBlack Daino

Sisi Fascino 20 Tights
Sisi Fascino 20 TightsBlack Daino

Sisi Queen 40 Hold Ups
Sisi Queen 40 Hold UpsBlack Daino

Sisi Queen 20 Hold Ups
Sisi Queen 20 Hold UpsBlack Daino

Sisi Skin 8 Hold Ups
Sisi Skin 8 Hold UpsHavana

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Sisi Skin 8 Tights
Sisi Skin 8 TightsNero

Sisi is one of the most exciting new brands in the world of leg wear that we have taken on this year. Sisi is a sister brand to Golden Lady and they have enjoyed the same praise and instant popularity that we would expect from a brand with such pedigree behind them.

What Makes Sisi So Special?

So what is it that Sisi hosiery is so great at? Simply they combine perhaps our three favourite elements of hosiery. These are quality and style and affordability. Every pair of Sisi tights are made with incredible quality in mind. They last what seems like forever and wear time and time again before you have to replace them. They are also timelessly stylish thanks to the simple and elegant sheer tights designs that they favour and other true classics. But the most exciting part is just how affordable they are. Sisi hold ups and tights are perhaps half of what you might expect them to be for their amazing quality. They are superb in every single way lasting longer than most tights and being thoroughly comfy when you are wearing them too. We love Sisi tights and we adore their ability to be as beautiful as they are high quality and all for a much lower price tag than you might think.

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