Gossard Carmen Plunge Bra
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Gossard Carmen Plunge BraBlush-Black

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Gossard Carmen Brief
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Gossard Carmen BriefBlush-Black

We have many brands here at UK Tights with a storied past, but perhaps none are quiet like Gossard. This design is the very epitome of an elite designer with a time served history. This company was founded in 1901 by Henry Williamson Gossard, an American businessman with a dressmaking background. They have a rich tradition of quality and skill, thanks to their founder's background and expertise. He started the brand after seeing the figure of an actress in Paris transformed by an innovative new corset designed for the performance. He started his company in Chicago making corsets and open a London office soon after. As Gossard lingerie moved into bras and other items of lingerie, they revolutionised the corset by putting laces at the front making it easier for everyone to wear them, not just the wealthy who had attendants to help them. Soon, Gossard moves it's whole operation to London and becomes thoroughly British. By the 1960s, Gossard had been through the War making things like parachutes for the British Army, had been the first to use Nylon in an underwear design, had made the first bra with an insert for padding, and had created the famous Wonderbra. Throughout their history they have innovated and used their skills to create wonderful new designs that we take for granted today.

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