Renowned worldwide for its high quality silk lingerie processes, beautiful designs and up-to-date industry know-how, Marjolaine is the characteristic French design house, and has been for nearly a century.

Marjolaine History

La Maison Marjolaine was established in humble beginnings by Roger Millet Desdoitils, known affectionately by the company as the great grandfather, in Villeurbanne, a district of Lyon. Between the world wars, Desdoitils' boutique workshop specialised in wools, linens, layettes and hand-sown garments for the discerning French client. But the post-war citizens of the small Lyonnais commune were in no position to take on hand-made items of fine quality, and so Desdoitils took his products on the road, selling his wares to the highest-quality boutiques and most selective clientele in Southern France. Since then, Desdoitils' descendants have taken up the mantel of selling their exquisite product all around the globe, first under the direction of Nicole and now, Desdoitils' granddaughter, Carole.

The brand has been steered in very different directions with each step of its leadership. And in its current iteration, Marjolaine's focus is on responding to the demands of its selective customers, as well as a focus more on the material, the couture, the quality of production, rather than on global marketing and brand recognition. The primary material used in its vast seasonal ranges is silk, and many, if not all of the products in Marjolaine's collection feature a certain amount of highly sought after, well sourced lace. The company even uses the same supplier of lace that was used for the Cambridges' wedding.

The Marjolaine Collection

The products that we have selected for our Marjolaine collection range from camisole-and-shorts sets, to lacy chemises, to long and short robes, to elegant, silky night dresses. It is in their simple style and excellent use of flowing, silky materials that sets Marjolaine apart from the rest. There is no doubt about it, Marjolaine know how to make us feel feminine.

Marjolaine was introduced to the UK in 1999 through Alba Associates, one of UK Lingerie's and UK Swimwear's most reliable agents. Marjolaine's representatives in the UK have previously described the British fashion scene as "daring" - and they are certainly not wrong (think Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, to name but two).

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