There are so many designers out there that concentrate on specializing in a particular category of lingerie. Great fit, plus size, fashion and seasonally only and more. Panache has carved out quite the niche for itself too, namely it is one of the world's best designers of bras for D cups and higher. They make items that are suited for any woman who has a bigger bust, right up to a K cup. This makes them one of the most varied ranges, as so few designers provide these sizes for women with a fuller figure. And it you aren't curvaceous but are a slimmer woman who has a bigger bust, you'll need one too. Panache have worked hard for thirty years to make a range that completely dominates this world. As a result, they have fast become the go to brand for luxurious, fashionable and comfortable bras for D and above cups. This is quite the achievement as so many women out there need these sizes and have always done.

One would think there has been plenty of time for bra manufacturers to become so well respected and entrenched in this particular niche. Really, it should be nearly impossible to beat them. Why is it that a young brand of just thirty years experience can enjoy such a meteoric rise? Well it is largely down to a handful of factors. One is carefully improving their designs generation after generation. Always with an eye towards quality each time. This makes every new seasonal release better and more comfy than the last. You might think this is obvious, but a lot of designers settle with "comfy enough" and that's not what makes a great brand. It is also partly due to hiring the best talent you can find. When a designer brings in talent and unleashes them on the collection, it always means a better product. It can be designers who conceive of the items.

It can be seamstresses that are responsible with making it to the exact standards required. It can even be models and testers who designers rely on for feedback. Each group can make or break the finished item. But there is a third and most important ingredient that's hard to come across and impossible to manufacture, and that is passion. The original founders want nothing more than to make the very best of their chosen items of clothing. And as the vector is large cup bras, they have naturally come to conquer that market. This the true secret to Panache's success. They have passion enough to pursue what they want in a bra or a range of designs and never settle for less than the best.

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