Mimi Holliday

Mimi Holliday is a superb and wonderful designer that we are very excited to have as part of the UK Tights family. Why exactly is this designer of bras and briefs so very interesting? Well, there are a number of reasons actually. Firstly they are one of only a handful of truly British designers that began here and are still based here in our great nation. The other is their humble origins, something that we at UK Tights share with them.

The story of their origins is quite interesting. Beginning in 2001, an independent designer named Damaris Evans sat down at her kitchen table in the neighbourhood of Notting Hill in London. She had managed to get a grant of just £5000 to start a new business, which isn't much at all, but she put it to good use and began planning out her approach right there in her home. The result was Damaris Ltd, one of the first companies ever that decided knickers (briefs) could be art, and that they deserved to be treated as such. At the time, no one sold knickers for over £100. She decided that something beautiful enough, high quality enough and well made enough could easily command such a price point. This would allow her to put more funding into research and experimentation with the finer fabrics. This plan worked, it seems, as the following years saw her spread her work to retailers in 37 countries, receive awards and accolades from ELLE magazine and Marie Claire, and even be issued with a personal invitation to meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In 2003 her company launched a second brand, the one we are most excited about, Mimi Holliday. This line up is more affordable, but no less well made, concentrating on a different set of design criteria. The aim of Mimi Holliday lingerie is colour, fun, life and wildly delightful design.

Take a look at the range and you will see that it truly is an outstanding success, and has reached its goal and then some. Mimi Holliday bras are some of the most comfortable and best designed, but they are not boring or conventional either. With sweet and sugary pinks, and mellow sea foam greens, they have a youthful and fun loving appearance to them. If that's not your thing, their stunning and classic all black range is great for a sophisticated and sultry look. But its not all bras that make this designer appealing. Mimi Holliday briefs are cute and flattering, with some of the most innovative use of lace, cut outs, sheer panels and colour schemes we have ever seen.

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