Maison Lejaby

Maison Lejaby Velvet Thong
Maison Lejaby Velvet ThongBlack Ivory

Maison Lejaby Tatoo Brief
Maison Lejaby Tatoo BriefLys-Ivory

Maison Lejaby Satine Bikini Brief
Maison Lejaby Satine Bikini BriefNoir Blue-Klein Aurore

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Maison Lejaby Nuage Pur Soft Full Cup Bra
Maison Lejaby Nuage Pur Soft Full Cup BraBlack Skin Nude

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Maison Lejaby Mandala Bra
Maison Lejaby Mandala BraNoir Corset Lys-Ivory

Maison Lejaby is one of the most exciting new brands we have to show you here at UK Tights. They are some of the best items in the world of leg wear thanks to their long and rich history of making some of the finest hosiery and underwear in Europe. Beginning their careers in lingerie in the 1930s Maison Lejaby have one of the most charming stories in the world of lingerie. After seeing Marlene Dietrich appear in the film The Blue Angel in 1930, two independent cinema owners from Ain, France were inspired to start a new venture. One of the owner's sisters was a designer who then joined their new team. Her name was Gabrielle, and they became known in the surrounding boutiques all called her work, La Gaby's bras.

The new company name Maison Lejaby, meaning the House of Gaby, soon followed on. From here they began their journey of discovering new fashion trends, contributing to the fashion scene and trying to create their own unique identity. This was how the world famous brand of Maison Lejaby began, and they have grown ever since. In the 1950s they began attracting the attention of some of the biggest designers in Paris, and even though they did not originate there, Parisian designers were enthusiastic to work with them. They accepted these offers, of course, and this put Maison Lejaby on the top of the list of eager and talented new design houses in France.

They aren't one of the young designers anymore, instead they are now among the most respected veteran designers in the world of lingerie. They have expanded ever since this time, and they are now venturing into a whole new area of design, which is leg wear. The first Maison Lejaby hosiery range is one of the strongest we have ever seen. Their collection is only small, yet it is powerful and carries all the expertise you would expect from such a brilliantly talented designer. It will grow with each season, of course, and so will their knowledge of the world of leg wear, so UK Tights is excited to see what they will have to offer next. Until then, enjoy Maison Lejaby's core range of hosiery, which is like no other first release we've ever experienced.

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