Cervin Seduction Couture Bicolore Seamed Tights Thumbnail

Cervin Seduction Couture Bicolore Seamed Tights

15 denier, Pyramid heel, Edwardian 3 thread seam, Reinforced heel, Reinforced toe, 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane

Available Sizes:
1 - Small

Cervin Romantica Stockings Thumbnail

Cervin Romantica Stockings

15 denier, Very feminine, Jacquard welt, Deep knitted band, Invisible demi toe, 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane

Available Sizes:
Size 1/2, Size 3/4, Size 5/6

Black Brown Nude
Cervin Sensual Luxe Hold Ups Thumbnail

Cervin Sensual Luxe Hold Ups

20 denier, Deep lace top, Transparent leg, Gossamer touch, Sophisticated look, Reinforced heel, Reinforced toe, 80% Nylon, 20% Lycra

Available Sizes:
3 (5'5" - 5'10"), 4 (5'7" - 5'11"), 5 (5'8" - 6')

Gazelle Ivory White
Cervin Rive Gauche Silk Hold Ups Thumbnail

Cervin Rive Gauche Silk Hold Ups

20 denier, No stretch, Deep lace top, Very luxurious, Reinforced toe, Reinforced heel, 100% Silk

Available Sizes:
Size 4, Size 5

Nude Ivory White
Cervin Capri 15 Stockings Thumbnail

Cervin Capri 15 Stockings

15 denier, 1950's Classic Look, No Stretch, RHT, Plain Welt Top, 100% Nylone

Available Sizes:
Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5, Size 6

Black Navy Chocolate Dark-Grey Nude
Cervin is a name known to the whole world of leg wear and every fashionista who takes their hold ups or stockings seriously. But what exactly is so special about this particular brand? So many names in the leg wear world wouldn't exist without Cervin having been producing beautiful stockings for as long as they have.

Cervin Stockings

They were the first company to pioneer fully fashioned stockings. Cervin kept the backseam stockings alive for decades after it was created and even revived its use when it was no longer needed for manufacturing and was solely a cosmetic and aesthetic addition. They have single handedly revived the styles of the 1930s and 1940s in an era that has almost entirely abandoned the art of making stockings by hand. Cervin are also are one of only a handful of designers that are still producing their beautiful leg wear in Paris to this day, with not a single sock or seam being shipped abroad for production. This dedication has made Cervin stockings a byword for beautiful and has forged a special legacy as one of traditional hosiery's most respected houses.

Cervin Hosiery

But what has made Cervin such a fantastic designer? Partly it is the hiring of good talent, and the keen eye they have for what will turn into a lasting feature of the leg wear landscape and what will be a short lived trend. But really, we think it is their experience. Cervin were founded more than a century ago. They have been making beautiful leg wear for longer than most other designers out there and longer than several younger designers combined. Cervin have seen what works and what does not many times before and they have adjusted their design philosophy each year accordingly. They have so much knowledge and experience behind them that there is no substitute in any other area of the leg wear world. It is that unbeatable experience that has given Cervin its reputation for luxury. Truly luxurious hosiery is only possible when you combine great materials with the know how of a time served designer, and Cervin have this ability to create beautiful leg wear with a century of learning behind them. Another key to making luxury items is choosing what is important and what to say no to.

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