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Braza are one of the best designers out there for one specific type of lingerie and swimwear item. They specialise in making inserts for cups, and stick on bras whether it be for bikinis, swimsuits or bras and lingerie. This is pretty much everything they do, but as the old maxim goes, quality over quantity. Some believe that the other old saying is best, that is to be the jack of all trades rather than a master of one, but for those who make very technical products, its the former that's true. Boob tape or some people call it titty tape and breast inserts for your clothing are hard to make well and almost impossible to make both comfortable and invisible.

Braza have desired to concentrate on these items with all their might and create a range of flash tape, boob tape items that really impress you rather than making every swimwear accessory and lingerie extra you can name and them all being a little underwhelming. And it turns out they are right. Their range has been so well received that there is no other alternative out there that comes close. Their foam pads and gel inserts are among the most well made in the world, or are perhaps the number one items altogether. They are the most comfortable items possible, being almost forgotten about once you put them on. They are also invisible, and that's not just referring to the transparent silicone they often use in the design. They go entirely undetected, being carefully measured to fit to you closely and subtly so you won't miss out on the benefits for fear of it being too obvious you have a Braza insert. So what are the benefits and why would a woman want one of these items? Well, often they are designed for mastectomy lingerie, being a great way to add one or two different enhancing items depending on whether you have had a single or a double mastectomy. This is the easiest way to give you back your confidence and make you less self conscious.

The other reason is simply wanting to look good, of course. Whether you've had a mastectomy or not, the ability to simply add a little more padding makes all the difference for so many women. Women who are not confident or not happy with their cup size can add a little more easily and instantly feel more confident and happy with themselves. Often lingerie manufacturers don't think of women with more petite frames and bras don't always fit so well.

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