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What Katie Did Seamed Tights Polka Dot Black
What Katie Did Seamed Tights Polka Dot BlackNude-Black-Dots

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What Katie Did Retro Contrast Seamed Tights Latte
What Katie Did Retro Contrast Seamed Tights LatteChampagne-Latte-Seam

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What Katie Did is a name you may of heard of, but perhaps not yet. They are one of those younger brands that are enjoying a meteoric rise to fame right now, and for some very good reasons too. Their work is some of the best in the world for those who love classic and timeless fashion. What Katie Does specialises in one thing and one thing only, namely they make backseam stockings in the classic style. These 1930s and 1920s style seamed stockings are some of the best recreations of the period we have ever seen. Usually this kind of stocking is overly expensive thanks to the difficulty in making them, or they are a poor imitation that really doesn't reach the level of perfection that revival fashion should. But What Katie Did is different. They have balanced authenticity and price perfectly. They do this with some very clever techniques, like using modern machinery that specially imitates the authetic look but makes the seamed stockings at a rapid pace and keeps the cost very low. They can make pin up stockings that are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing that would have been hand finished back in the 1920s and around that time. What Katie Did seamed stockings are no imitation in quality though. They may use modern methods to create their backseamed stockings, but none of that means that they are poorly made or cobbled together. They have the same exacting standards that all manufacturers should, and a pair of pin up stockings from them is as good as the very best manufacturers.

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