Empreinte Garance Panty
Empreinte Garance PantyNoir

Empreinte Allure Panty
Empreinte Allure PantyNoir

Empreinte Allure Brief
Empreinte Allure BriefNoir

Empreinte Allure Shorty
Empreinte Allure ShortyNoir

Empreinte Agathe Panty
Empreinte Agathe PantyCobalt Ivoire

Empreinte Agathe Brief
Empreinte Agathe BriefCobalt Ivoire

Empreinte Agathe Shorty
Empreinte Agathe ShortyCobalt Ivoire

Empreinte Lucile Panty
Empreinte Lucile PantyEclipse Praline Naturel

Empreinte Erin Panty
Empreinte Erin PantyBlack Noisette Naturel

Empreinte Erin Shorty
Empreinte Erin ShortyBlack Noisette Naturel

Empreinte Erin Thong
Empreinte Erin ThongBlack Noisette Naturel

Empreinte Lucile Brief
Empreinte Lucile BriefEclipse Praline Naturel

Empreinte Lucile Shorty
Empreinte Lucile ShortyEclipse Praline Naturel

Empreinte Louise Panty
Empreinte Louise PantyOmbre Naturel

Empreinte Louise Brief
Empreinte Louise BriefOmbre Naturel

Empreinte Louise Shorty
Empreinte Louise ShortyOmbre Naturel

Empreinte Louise Thong
Empreinte Louise ThongOmbre Naturel

Empreinte Lilly Rose Panty
Empreinte Lilly Rose PantyBlack Chantilly White

Empreinte Lilly Rose Brief
Empreinte Lilly Rose BriefBlack Chantilly White

Empreinte Lilly Rose Shorty
Empreinte Lilly Rose ShortyBlack Chantilly White

Empreinte Lilly Rose Thong
Empreinte Lilly Rose ThongBlack Chantilly White

Empreinte Ginger Panty
Empreinte Ginger PantyNoir Naturel

Empreinte Ginger Brief
Empreinte Ginger BriefNoir Naturel

Empreinte Ginger Shorty
Empreinte Ginger ShortyNoir Naturel

Empreinte Verity Spacer Bra
Empreinte Verity Spacer BraArdoise Caramel Blush

Empreinte Melody Brief
Empreinte Melody BriefBlack Caramel Rose-The Gold Perle

Empreinte Cassiopee Spacer Bra
Empreinte Cassiopee Spacer BraBlack Rose-Sauvage Silk

Empreinte Aurore Panty
Empreinte Aurore PantyMystic-Blue Sable-Dore

Empreinte Aurore Brief
Empreinte Aurore BriefMystic-Blue Sable-Dore

Empreinte Melody Panty
Empreinte Melody PantyBlack Caramel Rose-The Gold Perle

Empreinte Cassiopee Blue Tendre Lace Underwired Bra
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Empreinte Cassiopee Blue Tendre Lace Shorty
Save 25%

Empreinte Thalia Gris Shorty
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Empreinte Thalia Gris ShortyGris-Celeste

Empreinte Cassiopee Panty
Empreinte Cassiopee PantyBlack Rose-Sauvage Silk

Empreinte Thalia Lace Panty
Empreinte Thalia Lace PantyBlack Caramel Perle

Empreinte Melody Shorty
Empreinte Melody ShortyBlack Gold

Empreinte Flora Brief
Empreinte Flora BriefGris-Smoke

Empreinte Cassiopee Opaline Shorty
Save 25%
Empreinte Cassiopee Opaline ShortyOpaline

Empreinte Cassiopee Opaline Panty
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Empreinte Cassiopee Opaline PantyOpaline

Empreinte Cassiopee Caribbean Blue Lace Shorty
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Empreinte Carmen Underwired Low Necked Bra
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Empreinte Carmen Shorty
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Empreinte Carmen ShortyBlue-Irise

Empreinte Thalia Underwired Low Necked Bra
Empreinte Thalia Underwired Low Necked BraBlack Caramel Perle

Verified Reviews:

Empreinte Thalia Thong
Empreinte Thalia ThongBlack Caramel Candy Perle

Verified Reviews:

Empreinte Thalia Lace Shorty
Empreinte Thalia Lace ShortyBlack Caramel Candy Perle

Empreinte Melody Thong
Empreinte Melody ThongGold

Empreinte Melody High Shorty
Empreinte Melody High ShortyBlack Caramel Rose-The Gold Perle

Empreinte Irina Shorty
Save 50%
Empreinte Irina ShortyBrume-Rosee Ivory

Empreinte Diane Underwired Low-Necked Bra
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Empreinte lingerie is one of the most interesting and exciting brands that we have hosted here at UK Tights. It is a company that is full of creative talent as well as unbeatable expertise and it most certainly shows. It is one of the most time served brands out there that we currently sell. Founded after the Second World War, they brought back much needed industry to their homeland of France and helped to spark the production of luxury goods again in the capital of lingerie design, rekindling the pride in French design once more.

History Of Empreinte

Founded in Brest, the Western most city in France and one of the hidden gems of Brittany, Empreinte Lingerie is one of the few names in their industry that are not located in Paris, but this is a great boon to them. Living in the less busy and far more picturesque rural landscape would invigorate anyone to be creative. After all, some of the world's most famous artists and poets have gone to the calm and quiet of the rural world to find inspiration and a place to work well. Of course, being steeped in the talent of the world's most beautiful and fashionable city will certainly help with that too, but Empreinte's strategy is different.

They are about concentrating on the best lingerie they can make, so they have remained exactly where they were founded in the pleasant heart of coastal France, carefully and quietly working on some of the most beautiful underwear you have ever worn. Empreinte bras are truly the artist in seclusion, creating an output that is impressive in both amount and quality. If you some of the best lingerie you have ever worn to be yours, with an unbeatable pedigree of French design and more than seven decades of history, then Empreinte is the designer for you.

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