Vickys Nylons

Vickys Nylons is one of the most fantastic new brands in the world of leg wear. It is one of the best names for those who are constantly on the hunt for authentic stockings and handmade vintage stockings. Every single one of Vickys Nylons are made the good old fashioned way. They make almost everything by hand. The only part that they really use a machine for is the fabric itself. This is mostly made in large quantities by a machine. The measuring, the cutting, the stitching, and the finishing touches are all done entirely by hand and all performed by the most skilled craftsmen in the world of vintage stockings. This makes them the kind of stockings that you might have found to be quite commonplace in the 1920s. They really would have been everywhere and quite the norm. But these days, they are almost entirely gone from the landscape in the 2020s. They are so very rare and prized and they really do deserve every ounce of respect and admiration they get. Vickys Nylons are really trying to turn the tide too, with a range that will help to rekindle the love for RHT stockings and fitted stockings that are made the good old fashion way. These are some of the finest handmade stockings in the world and we think this brand is going to start a revolution in the way things are made and get so many more women to try this joyous new discovery for themselves.

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