Privacy Policy

UK Tights, UK Swimwear and UK Lingerie are websites belonging to Web Shop Direct Ltd. Web Shop Direct is a UK registered limited company, and as such is subject to British law and European law.
Web Shop Direct is committed to maintaining your privacy.


Upon visiting a Webshop Direct retail website, a cookie will be placed on your browser for the purpose of measuring your activities on our site. This includes but is not limited to remembering items you have saved in your basket for a limited time, keeping you logged in and keeping site preferences active such as accessibility settings. These cookies are temporary files that expire after a set length of time.
We use this information to determine how our customers shop and how best to organise our functionality for a better experience. This information may also be used to compile a broad profile of our customers such as average time spent on our site, average among of times visited per month etc.


When you purchase items from us, you will be asked to submit an email address. This is used as a point of contact to provide you with a message upon your order being accepted, dispatched and any issues or delays we may be experienced. There is also an option to be signed up to our newsletter and recieve regular updates and promotions, however this is voluntary.
We do not share your email address with anyone outside our organisation at any time.


You customer account is associated with an email address and a password. This password is not visible to any member of staff at any time and cannot be read by anyone. It is stored on our server behind industry standard measures of security and cannot be copied and pasted, viewed by the human eye or otherwise discovered by members of our staff. If you have any issues with your password, we always perform a full password reset, as telling you your password is impossible.


The information we ask for at our checkout includes your email, a password, your name, address, phone number and date of birth. These details are not shared with a third party, and are never sold on to another retailer. These details are stored on our server which is present in the UK. This means the company that stores our infpormation (UK Dedicated) is restricted by UK and EU privacy law. According to domestic laws, surveillance of a citizen is not permitted in the UK by ones own government, and any personal details of yours can only be demanded from an authority with the correct court order.

Payment Details

Webshop Direct does not store any of your payment details, at any time. When you purchase from us, the payment page you see is not hosted on our site, although it appears to be. Instead, this page is one provided to us by PayPal, our prefered payment provider. This means that the page is maintained with Paypal's security software and is perfectly safe for any user. PayPal maintains our payments for cards as well as PayPal transactions themselves.
Please note, we cannot secure any of your details that are pertinent to your location, such as people being able to see your card in a public place like a cafe, those who are able to see your computer screen in the flesh, and keyloggers.
Payments by card will show as Webshop Direct Ltd on your statement.

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